Remote Control and Access

Comodo ONE includes a feature rich, comprehensive remote access and control solution.

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Don't waste time getting from point a to b-- when you can control all your devices with secure remote access from Comodo ONE. Manage computers effectively from anywhere with 99.99+% uptime even over high latency networks running 256-bit SSL encrypted connections.
Today, secure remote access to workstations and mobile devices is a requirement for business productivity. Comodo ONE IT Operating Platform allows you to access and control remote servers, workstations and mobile devices from any machine, anywhere including from behind firewalls. With this capability being tightly integrated into Comodo ONE IT Operation Platform we put you firmly in control.
Comodo ONE Remote Access and Control empowers technicians and administrators to manage servers, desktops, applications and mobile devices remotely so they can solve problems more efficiently. They can review performance data and roll out patches, updates and service configurations to address issues remotely.
Remote Control Access

Remote Access and Control

Conduct remote desktop support sessions just you would if you were physically there with your hands on the device. You can initiate new sessions or respond to incoming requests--all from the central dashboard of Comodo ONE.

Auto-Adjusts the View

Comodo ONE gives you the best quality connection automatically. The visuals adjust for the best representation, whether you are using a high bandwidth LAN or low-bandwidth mobile connection.

Support of Short-Cut Keys

Support for major short-cut keys ensures that you can work quickly and efficiently even when connected to remote endpoints.

See Multiple Monitors

The powerful interface allows you to see every screen on the remote endpoint with zero configuration. No extra steps are required.

In-Session Tools for Remote Support

Unique to Comodo ONE, In-Session tools allow more than Remote Access and Control. They enable Remote Support. Beyond mouse and keyboard--you can interact with endpoints with our predefined workflows for quick and easy control.

Latency on the Line?

Don't worry, you will be fully aware of the connection strength and its implications with real-time session latency stats during the remote control session.

Remote Access & Control - for IT efficiency and Improved Quality of Service
It's not only for remote access and control, but Remote Support empowerment.

Comodo One
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