Comodo Device Manager

Manage All Mobile Devices And Windows Endpoints From One Console

Remotely protect and manage mobile devices and endpoints from a single, unified console by adding Comodo Device Manager to your paid managed service offerings. CDM’s console provides visibility into all devices including smartphones, tablets, PC, workstations and servers. CDM utilizes Comodo's patent pending containment technology that automatically sandboxes unknown files and runs them inside a secure, virtual environment where it cannot access user data or damage the protected system.

Comodo containment technology meets the key business deliverable of providing total protection against zero-day threats while having no impact on end-user experience or workflows.

Robust Technology

Unify Your Security

Deploy and manage security policies for mobile devices and Windows endpoints from a single console.


Engage in Best Practices

Our layered security platform bundles cloud and on-premise technologies to ensure each endpoint and device is protected with the best combination of web URL filtering, firewall, antivirus, FLS, auto-sandboxing malware in containment, and viruscope.


More Control, Less Worry

Comodo’s unique containment technology auto-sandboxes unknown malware onsite in a virtual environment with little resource usage required.


Save Time

View and modify endpoint and device processes, services and installed applications with powerful system management capabilities.


Gain Insights

Robust reporting presents a real-time view into critical endpoint and device metrics.

License Options Basic Premium
Full MDM (Mobile Device Management)
Full MAM (Mobile Application Management)
Full MSM (Mobile Security Management)
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Support
Endpoint Security Management for Windows Devices including World Best Containment Technology 1 MONTH TRIAL
Community support on Forum
Professional support for 7 days 24 hours over email and phone
Free SSL certificate for management server from Comodo CA (if you choose to install on your own server instead of Cloud)
(*One premium license covers up to 5 mobile device per user or one computer)