Patch Management Software

Reasons To Implement Patch Management Software With Comodo One

If you're new to the world of IT or want to know more, you're probably wondering what they do and how patch management is essential for security. Typically, patches are a type of software that helps manage systems and applications. They update the computer or network with fixes for certain bugs. Sometimes, they'll also contain hot fixes to reduce security vulnerability.

It's usually recommended to install patches immediately upon release, but we at Comodo understand it can be difficult and time-consuming to do so. Manual patch management can be more difficult when you're required to read the technical release note, which is also recommended. We have come up with a solution that patches applications without having to worry about taking the time to do it.

Our System

With our patch manager, you can do all your patching easily. Whether you have one computer or hundreds, they can all be patched at the same time through our system. One primary benefit is that our patch-management product is automatic. Our product:

  • Detects patches that are available
  • Determines how important they are for your system
  • Ensures that they're installed right
  • Tests them after installation
  • Documents all necessary procedures
Patch Management Software


Most IT administrators don't know that this process is necessary to fix security bugs in the software, applications and on the OS. You may not notice or see options for patching, meaning the system isn't malfunctioning, but it can still keep the network unsecure. This problem can lead to customer information being stolen and other major problems. In most cases, you won't even know a hacker has been inside your system.

If you need more automation in the IT department, contact us to find out about our patch management products and others that we offer.