RMM Stands for Security

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RMM Stands for Many Things

If you are in the business of remote monitoring and managing services, you may have to provide a wide range of benefits to your customers. A good msp company will be there when their customers need thehttps://www.itarian.com/remote-monitoring-management-rmm-definition/m and provide many services. It's just good business. So RMM stands for several important things.

RMM Stands for Security

Perhaps the main reason you are in the IT managing business is to provide a secure environment for your clients. Horror stories about data breaches are everywhere these days, and just one of these incidents can completely ruin the reputation of a good company. When customers no longer trust a business with their personal information, trust can be very difficult to regain.

You should have the ability to provide protection against a host of invasion threats. In fact, a good anti-malware package is like the human immune system. It is working at its best when you have no idea it is fighting off an attack. Each day, many types of organisms try to get into our systems and a healthy immune response repels these things automatically. You don't have to think about it. The same is true with managed IT services.

RMM Stands for Data Integrity

Information is one of the hottest commodities on the market today. In fact, in many ways, it is like gold. Many people will do just about anything to get their hands on your personal and financial information. The 21st Century msp must protect data and provide failsafe measures to ensure clients' data is not corrupted or destroyed.

You cannot prevent all problems associated with data loss but the msp should have the best possible methods for storing and retrieving backup data. This way, valuable information can easily be restored and the company can proceed business as usual.

There are several ways to backup data today but many companies are using a "hybrid" system which combines standard methods for backing up information and also cloud services. When you adopt this strategy, you give your clients the best of both worlds and an effective backup system.

3. Tell Customer A You are Busy with Customer B

Many people make this mistake and it can be devastating to a customer. Of course you are busy and have many customers to deal with, but you are not going to impress anyone if you tell them you have to take care of someone else first. This is the same thing as saying, "you are not as important as the other customer". Instead of resulting in RMM solutions, this kind of treatment will most likely cause major problems, over time.

Limited Downtime

Protection against malware and backing up data are a very important part of managed IT services. If these things are done right, downtime can be limited. However, today's msp should consider additional ways to prevent client downtime, and it starts with msp company hardware.

Server computers must be carefully monitored for temperature changes and signs of trouble. This requires backup servers and regular maintenance. Also, you need a dependable UPS power source as well as backup power capable of sustaining your equipment for 48 hours.

RMM Stands for Risk Management

Part of managed IT services should include an effective risk management plan for the client. After all, your services revolve around problem solving and prevention and this is basically what risk management is all about. The successful msp professional should discuss risk management issues with clients beforehand and provide regular reviews. This can prevent a lot of problems from happening.

RMM Stands for Professional Advice

Clients should be able to turn to their managed It service providers for advice on network and communications issues. In fact, this should be built-in to the msp service. For example, if a client is considering expansion, a lot of changes may be in order and the msp providing project management services can be there to help.

RMM Stands for 24/7 Peace of Mind

All the services you have to offer should provide the client with peace of mind. Knowing everything is looked after by professionals all day and all night is very comforting. Today's msp services never sleep and tirelessly watch over their clients businesses and Comodo One is there with software specifically designed for these businesses.

Comodo One provides an rmm module and six others which not only help you provide exceptional service, you receive features which Integrate PSA With RMM. In addition, by automating your service desk with Comodo One, you become more efficient and receive a wide range of benefits.

You have help with service quote managing and some of the latest MDM technology on the market today. Patch management can be automated and more effective. You could pay thousands of dollars for software like this but with Comodo One you pay nothing for the platform with seven useful and easy to use modules. Because the software is open source there is never a charge for the basic program. In addition, improvements and upgrades are made by msp professionals and there is no charge for this service either.

Visit the Comodo One website today at https://one.comodo.com/ to see all the good things this platform can do for you. You also can call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration.

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