RMM Comparison Shopping Tips

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RMM Comparison Shopping Tips

Most MSP companies have enough to do today without spending all their time on rmm comparison shopping. However, this is such an important issue; it is in your best interest to spend some time thinking about what's best for your business. Should you go with an open source program or is it best to pay for your software? What about agents? You may want to take your time and explore many different software programs with your RMM comparison and Comodo One should be high on your list for a number of important reasons.

To Pay or Not to Pay

During your RMM comparison study, you'll discover some of these products do not cost anything. In other words, you won't to have to shell out a great deal of your money for licensing fees. On the surface, this looks great, but most of us are very skeptical about something which costs nothing. In fact, we tend to ask ourselves, "what's the catch?" So what's the answer? What is the catch with software platforms like Comodo One?

Open source software can be an excellent way to promote a business and Comodo has an entire line of products for business which many people (including our software customers) would be interested in ( and not just for rmm comparison purposes). Comodo One helps to call attention to these products.

Why Are We So Skeptical?

Today, many of us are wary of so called "free" software programs and for good reason. You have probably been the victim of some kind of adware in the past and had to deal with some very annoying advertising. In fact, it may have been so bothersome that you simply uninstalled the program. Let your rmm comparison show, Comodo one is not adware, so you don't have to worry about this issue.

There is another problem with some free programs and it has to do with "demo" software. Some of these programs seem excellent but they may have some of the most important features disabled, so you really can't give them a test drive. This is not the case with Comodo One.

What about Agents?

As your rmm comparison progresses, you'll see that some programs must have an agent installed at each endpoint and some do not. In other words, the reporting or monitoring agents for the program can be separate or part of the program. Many companies prefer the added security of installing separate agent software because it ensures each end point is protected at all times. You also enjoy the benefits of reliable reports in real time. There is one more thing to remember when making an rmm comparison. Agent software is pull technology while agentless is pushing technology. So what's the difference? Let's check them out.

Push Technology

Suppose you were sitting at your desk and working at a computer. You may be so busy you are unaware what is going on in the room. Suddenly, a fellow worker comes to your desk and sets down a report from the central office. This information was not requested by you. Instead, it was "pushed" in your direction. Here are some examples of push or server push technology:

  • You receive an email from someone
  • Automatic product updates

Pull Technology

Pull is the opposite of push. Suppose you asked someone for information and they provided it to you. You pulled the information from this person. With this technology, the client originates the transaction and with push technology, the server originates the action.

What Does Push or Pull Have To Do with RMM Comparison?

With push technology (agentless software) your admin console receives reports or information when the agent deems it necessary. With pull technology, the admin requests data which is sent. However, the agent can still provide alerts and summaries of reports based on their priorities. Pull technology usually results in less bandwidth usage and is considered to be more efficient.

RMM Comparison and Features to Look For

When you check out RMM Software, consider these important features:

  • Mobile device module
  • Patch management
  • Service desk
  • Network assessment
  • Quote manager
  • Comodo One Mobile

With Comodo One, these features are part of the program. You also can add on other features like these:

  • Watch Breach Prevention
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Acronis Cloud Backup

No rmm comparison should be complete without considering Comodo One MSP Advanced IT Management with all its features and benefits. But don't let us make this decision for you. Visit our home on the Web at https://one.comodo.com/ to see all the things this software can do for your business, and if you want a live demonstration, call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025.