How to Use Remote Access Applications?

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Remote desktop software, more accurately called remote access applications or remote access software, let you remotely control any computer in another location. With the help of these remote access applications, you can take over the mouse and keyboard of another computer and use it just like your own.

Remote access applications are very useful for lots of situations, from helping a friend who lives miles away work through a computer issue to remotely administering to your office’s network from your home. Basically, it requires a piece of software that needs to be installed on the computer you want to connect to, commonly called the host. Once it is done, another computer or device with the right credentials, called the client, can connect to the host and control it.

Remote Access Applications

Remote access applications: Windows Remote Assistance

Windows has built-in remote access tool. It is one of the best accessible remote access applications that lets you connect to another user's computer over the network to view and control their desktop without the need to install anything.

Unfortunately, home networks aren't normally set up to accommodate this type of connection request by default. In order for you to connect to a remote PC over the internet, your support router must be configured to forward incoming connections on the port to the PC, and it may also be necessary to configure any local security software to permit the connection.

All of this may be difficult to an ordinary user to configure if you haven't set it up in advance. You will also need to know the external IP address of their router, which again, ordinary users may have no knowledge of. For the sake of simplicity, it is common to use third-party software like Comodo Free Remote Control and Access which uses a central server to broker connections between computers. Since every PC opens its own outbound connection to this server, routers and firewall will allow the connection to pass through. If a remote PC is online, you can connect to it by simply clicking on its name on the interface, rather than having to worry about its network address.

Remote access applications: Comodo Remote Control & Access

There are lots of remote access applications available, but the majority need licenses to use. That's because remote desktop access is very useful not only for the immediate personal assistance, but also for professional use like support and administration.

Comodo Free Remote Control & Access is one of the best remote access applications because it allows MSPs to review performance data and execute remote patching, updates, and service configurations to managed servers, desktops, applications, and mobile devices.

The need for Free Remote Access Applications

Remote access is essential for any MSP to monitor and provide any type of service. It would be a difficult task and financially prohibitive to monitor devices and provide services just from the physical location. These free remote access applications are necessary for real-time monitoring.

There are lot of remote access applications in the market, but the main difference among these technologies are found in their back end structure. The Comodo Remote Control & Access has proven and secured protocols suited for different customer needs. Download your free copy today!

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