How Does Comodo One Work?

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Comodo One is a centralized platform designed for MSPs and businesses. It helps businesses flourish and expand their client base. It helps MSPs manage things more efficiently. Comodo One thus provides an open, centralized IT operating platform containing everything that is needed to manage a business.

An MSP can offer its clients subscription-based services and could use Comodo One to manage them directly from this one platform that provides web security, endpoint security, ITSM, data backup, network monitoring (RMM), device management etc.

How Does Comodo One Work

It's All Managed from One Single Pane of Glass

It's from one easy-to-use console, one single pane of glass that it's all managed. MSPs can, from this one single console, standardize, automate and thus manage all existing processes, view real-time data, check for alerts from customer networks and thus provide improved quality of service. The overall costs are reduced as well, to a great extent. IT and Security Management, Patch Management, Service Desk Management, Quote Management and Customer Relationship Management, RMM - these and many other services are provided from one single platform, one single pane of glass.

Consistent and Continuous Community-Driven Development

Comodo One strives to ensure consistent and continuous development, which is mostly community-driven. Every month new features and enhancements to the existing platform are rolled out; this is based on direct feedback from the Comodo MSP community. Engineers and developers, based on the feedbacks and requests from the user community, decide what all should be built into each new release. After every new release, there would be live demos to showcase what's new. Other than Comodo's own services, Comodo One also seeks to integrate third-party services, all based on the needs of the MSP community.

What All Management Capabilities Comodo One Provides...

Comodo One helps MSPs and businesses cut costs, enhance efficiency and increase profits by providing different management capabilities from a single consolidated dashboard. The management capabilities offered include-

Comodo® Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) - Voted as the best anti-malware by the global Information Security Community on LinkedIn, Comodo AEP helps businesses protect themselves from APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats), ransomware, zero-day threats etc. Unknown files can safely be run in an automatic containment and a full analysis is also done to identify good and bad files.

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) - Comodo RMM helps manage, monitor and support all clients and client devices (including those outside local markets) in a very effective manner.

Service Desk - This is a cloud-based, automated ticket management system which facilitates service requests, ticket prioritization, ticket management etc in a very prompt and efficient manner.

Remote Control - Technicians can obtain remote access to client systems/networks and review performance, execute patches, updates or service configurations, and do things pertaining to applications or mobile devices.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) - MSPs can deploy, monitor, manage and secure clients'mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops etc) from a single console and distribute applications, distribute patches, do configurations and even wipe out data or ensure device encryption.

Patch Management - MSPs can, from a single console, gain and maintain up-to-date knowledge of all available OS patches and patches for all third-party software as well. They can then determine which patches are appropriate for a system or device and ensure proper installation of patches.

Valkyrie Cloud -Based File Analysis- This helps MSPs gain full forensic intelligence of all unknown files and deliver true file verdicts as to which ones are benign files and which malware.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - This helps MSPs automate workflow processes, which in turn helps boost efficiency, reduce human error, decrease process time etc. Tools for analytics reporting, inventory management, marketing and sales management, and tools management are also used.

Quote Management - Comodo One provides MSPs with advanced quoting and billing software, which helps generate and manage professional quotes for services and equipment.

Network Assessment - This helps MSPs get full visibility of clients' networks plus ensure comprehensive risk assessment and vulnerability management.

There are other elements of Comodo One, including Comodo Dome Shield, Cwatch, Acronis Cloud Backup, Comodo Korugan VM, Comodo Dome Firewall, Comodo Cleaning Essentials, Unknown File Hunter Tool etc.

How Comodo One Benefits MSPs

Comodo One bestows the following benefits upon MSPs-

  • Helps MSPs support business process management best practices and methodologies.
  • Helps MSPs ensure volume discounts on related software and services.
  • Helps MSPs serve more customers in a much-improved manner, with a broader set of services/capabilities.
  • Helps MSPs ensure easy access to integrated tools/services that provide SIEM and SOC capabilities.
  • Helps them grow into MSSPs (Managed Security Service Providers) without heavy investment or integration-related issues.

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