Android Device Remote Access and Security

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Android remains the most used mobile operating system with a market penetration of more than 70% as of February 2018. With this much market share, network administrators should devote resources into integrating Android into their own networks and how they could accommodate the OS into their respective topologies.

Most network administrators and MSPs find BYOD a problem and are a little wary about Android because the OS has some security flaws that need to be patched. The sheer volume of these devices also need to be considered because they cannot be easily integrated into the network without automation. Otherwise, they will simply be taking too much time from MSPs.

Android Device Remote Access

It’s a great thing that MSPs have Comodo ONE to count on. Comodo ONE is a remote monitoring and management platform created by Comodo Cybersecurity. Comodo Cybersecurity is well-known for its suite of enterprise security products as well as being an established security certificate.

Comodo Cybersecurity has created Comodo ONE with MSPs’ needs in mind and one key strength this platform has its mobile integration. Here are the areas that Comodo ONE can help MSPS with aside from Android device remote access:

Remote Access of the Mobile Device

Android device remote access has several key advantages. When you can remotely access it you can also manage the users’ files and data in the mobile tablet or phone storage. With the ability for Android device remote access, you will be able to access and manage files saved in the Android phone’s internal memory. If the Android device has an external SD card inserted in its dedicated slot, you will also be able to manipulate the data in the device.

Mobile User Group Management

First and foremost, Comodo ONE can restrict certain network access privileges for a group of users. By defining the rules on access, this can significantly prevent any possible security issues caused by unfettered access to network resources by mobile devices. User rights management can be an effective hedge for important information against untrusted devices.

Device Discovery

Comodo ONE can easily discover new devices attached to the network. This makes the integration of new mobile devices a lot easier and more convenient. MSPs no longer have to perform long and complicated devices like software or driver installs.

Tools Provisioning

One great advantage that Comodo ONE gives to MSPs is the ability to perform batch installations of pre-approved office software to Android devices. MSPs no longer have to store and manually install programs on these devices one by one. Comodo ONE can square away this time intensive task easily.

Dedicated Storage Space

MSPs can allocate storage inside an Android device and seal it off from contact with other apps. This allocated space is solely dedicated to an organization’s files. It cannot be accessed without outsider access.

Remote Wipe

MSPs can locate a device through a GPS tracking feature for the device. This becomes particularly important when the device becomes lost or gets stolen. The GPS tracker will tell MSPs where the device’s general location is. If the device can no longer be retrieved, MSPs can perform a remote wipe in order to erase the organization’s data from afar.

Network Monitoring

Finally, an attached Android device is subject to monitoring under Comodo ONE. MSPs can also perform regularly scans in order to protect the device from cybersecurity threats. As long as the device is part of your network, Comodo ONE can watch over and protect the Android device.

Comodo Remote Control and Access is among the most total IT management solutions MSPS can use and install on their clients’ networks. When you choose Comodo ONE—the world’s only complete, scalable, and integrated IT management platform you can get it for free. Comodo ONE offers technology solutions that goes beyond just giving you an exemplary remote access service. With Comodo ONE, you can get free modules such as Remote Monitoring and Management, Network Assessment Tool, Patch Management, and Service Desk Ticketing System among many others.

What's nice regarding Comodo One Remote Access and Management is that it's completely free for MSPs to use. Please visit and install the program these days thus you'll begin managing your clients' phones and defend them wherever they are the most vulnerable.

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