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Is it Time to Check out RMM Vendors?

Have you noticed a lull in your msp business lately? Maybe things don't quite seem right and you lost some valuable customers lately. The problem could be in your rmm software program and it could be time for some changes. Here are four signs you should be checking out new rmm vendors for your software.

1. Unexpected Costs are Reducing Your Profits

Did you sign up for a special "introductory offer"? These deals can be very attractive and allow you to conduct business with maximum profits. However, what happens after the special deal is over? Your costs could escalate considerably. This is something to consider before accepting the offer and signing up for a long term commitment.

What kind of contract are you thinking of signing? There can be a big difference in licensing costs with rmm vendors and it can be confusing. For example, you can sometimes reduce these costs by accepting additional services, but it could be hard on your budget. In other words, the total costs could be more than you think.

Perhaps your business has grown within the past year or so. If your pricing structure is based on the number of agents installed, expansion can increase your costs a great deal. Plus, when you add workstations, software license fees will go up.

What's in your contract? Maybe you signed up for training sessions which end up costing you more than you planned on. There could be many "hidden extras" when you sign up with some vendors, so you must read the terms of the contract very closely, and ask questions on anything you are not sure of.

2. You Have Too Many RMM Vendors to Deal With

Some companies make the mistake of buying basic remote management and monitoring software to save on costs. However, when you opt for a "basic service" package you are going to need to buy other programs. For example, what are you planning on doing about MDM? Every company today has the need for mobile network monitoring and security.

You could have to deal with many different rmm vendors and this can make life more confusing, as well as expensive. For example, if you pay separately for MDM, patch management, help desk, and service quote management, the costs can add up fast and you may have to go to a different company for support for each feature.

You can avoid this scenario by changing rmm vendors and getting all the features with one platform. This will not only save you money, it can help to lower your costs and stress levels. You can find some excellent software today (like Comodo One) which integrates psa with RMM and you receive 7 basic modules with the option of four more. You no longer have multiple rmm vendors to deal with and because the basic program is free, your operating costs can go down in a hurry, so profits will go up.


3. Patch Management is becoming a Major Headache

You know it's time to change rmm vendors when patch management is a big issue. Your software should automate the process and make things easier for you and your staff. In addition, patch management software should support many of the programs you use. If not, then what good is it?

If updating and patching is not giving you problems and business is running smoothly, you may have the right kind of software in place. However, if there is too much to do and you are dealing with a lot of malware issues, it may be time to check out new rmm vendors.

4. You're Getting a lot of "Slow Connection" Complaints

Not all rmm vendors are equal and some have better products than others. For example, with some programs it could take several minutes to connect to remote endpoints and you might end up losing the connection. If the software has browser compatibility issues this can make things worse. Poor or unreliable connections are very bad for business.

Unreliable remote connections can cost the msp a great deal of money if they have to send a tech to a client's location. After all, remote management and monitoring is supposed to limit the need for many service calls.

When you cannot trust your connections, you should start looking at other rmm vendors to see what they have to offer. You may find much better service and at a lower cost, and this is what Comodo One is all about. For a live demo call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025. To visit us on the Web for more information, go to https://one.comodo.com/ today.

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