RMM MSP Misconceptions

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4 Common RMM MSP Misconceptions

Remote monitoring and management is synonymous with managed service providers these days. Hence, you'll see many of these programs listed as RMM MSP Software. These programs provide many excellent services but of course they cannot do everything. Plus, you may find a wide range of prices and features when you shop for software. Here are four common misconceptions with RMM msp you should be aware of, to ensure you install the right product for your business needs.

Only Get What You Can Use

Here is the thinking behind "only get what you require now". On the surface it appears to provide these benefits:

  • Cost savings - rmm tools with more features is usually more expensive and why pay for something you are not using?
  • Easier on your staff - the less complicated a program is, the easier training will be. Some of your staff may not be the easiest to train and could have trouble learning new things.
  • Easier on your equipment - if you have a program with many features it could take up more memory and system resources.

Now let's go over these reasons in more detail to see why they may be somewhat flawed.

  • Cost savings - it's true, some programs are very expensive. However, all this reasoning immediately goes out the window when you choose a trusted open source rmm msp platform like Comodo One.
  • With open source programs you are not buying anything you do not need. Plus, because they are free, you can afford to have all the bells and whistles you want and at some point in the future you just might need them. When this happens, there is no additional investment in software required.
  • Easier on staff - training is not a problem when you choose a program with an easy to use interface. A good rmm msp program is quite simple and does not take a great deal of technical knowledge to receive the benefits it provides.
  • Easier on equipment - a large program will take up more system resources than a small one. However, when you choose a Trusted RMM platform like Comodo One, you are only using one application from the program at a time. The platform works like an operating system and this simplifies the process.

Only Major Corporations Need RMM MSP Solutions

Very large companies do require a lot of solutions. However, even the small msp can benefit greatly with the right program. For example, by automating mundane tasks you serve two purposes. First, your staff is freed up for more important things. Second, you may actually need fewer people to operate your business. Rmm msp software is a great way to improve efficiency without additional capital layout.

You Need Several Programs to Integrate RMM and PSA

Some msp professionals simply cannot believe you can find a program with all the right psa features and rmm features built-in. However, it is possible because software developers have been working on this kind of integration for years. Not only that, your job is much simpler when you can launch both psa and rmm from the same platform.

Think of all the user names and passwords you would need to operate 7 or more programs. Plus, you'll have to be a whiz at multitasking because you might have to leave several programs open at one time, and constantly switch back and forth during the day. This is not necessary when you have the features you need, integrated into the program.

If the Software is Free There Must Be Something Wrong

When you shop rmm msp software you can find some expensive programs but you also may come across an excellent platform like Comodo One, and it is open source which means there are no licensing fees to pay. Programs like Comodo One have been developed by msp professionals to be used by msp businesses, so they have an excellent idea of what you need. In addition, open source software is a good business practice and has given us some of the best programs available like Ubuntu operating system, WordPress, Magento and Thunderbird, just to name a few.

You will not only save money with open source rmm msp programs, you receive some of the finest and most innovative products on the market today. To see what Comodo One can do for your business, come to our home on the Web now at https://one.comodo.com/ or you can call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration.

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