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RMM Hardware Management and Mobile Devices

Mobile devices contain some of the most important hardware in your organization. In fact, as the mobile market continues to grow, more and more businesses depend on tablets, smart phones and other devices to run their business. These things are taking the place of notebooks and pens and performing a wide range of operations within an IT system. However, everyone knows wireless connections are not as secure as wired and you need the best possible RMM hardware management program for your wireless connections. This is why Comodo One includes Mobile Device Management with their open source software, free to all. Let's talk about the importance of managing your mobile network with the right rmm hardware and software management application.


Today, most mobile operating systems use either Android from Google or iOS from Apple, so it makes sense a good RMM program should cover either system. Here are some of the excellent features you will enjoy.

Easy Enrollment

Thanks to over-the-air enrollment function with your rmm hardware management program, getting started is very simple and easy. All you have to do is connect with the MDM (mobile device manager) server for certificates and you can start secure communications and use many different mobile apps.

Data Wiping

Data wiping is essential part of rmm hardware management these days. It's so easy to set a smart phone down and forget about it, and they are small enough to easily be stolen and concealed. If this happens, you need the ability to wipe these phones clean so no vital information can be compromised. Comodo One provides easy remote data wiping and it can be partial or complete.

In some cases, data wiping is not automatic unless the employee is enrolled in a specific service, and this is why MDM data wiping is very important. Here are some of the wipe settings you may wish to consider:

  • Full wipe - this rmm hardware management feature removes everything from the phone. Instead of scrubbing all storage it overwrites encryption keys on the user partition. This makes it impossible to retrieve important data.
  • Reset - this erases user information, 3rd party apps and data from the internal flash. It is often referred to as a factory reset because it returns the phone or tablet to the condition it was in when it left the factory. Yet, intelligent hackers may be able to retrieve information with the right equipment, so this is not considered the most secure method.
  • Enterprise wipe - used to remove data and apps specific to a business while keeping user apps in place. This is good for employees who use their own devices and decide to leave the company. It allows them to keep their phone contacts, music, images and things like email settings, yet the rmm hardware management function will remove all sensitive data from the company.
  • Secure app wipe - this is used when a specific app is the only one you want to remove. It can be effective but it depends on the app.
  • Secure container wipe - special data containers can be removed without changing the phone settings or disturbing user data.

Integrated Mobile Security

Comodo One's rmm hardware and software management includes unified security. It's possible to access and manage all of the mobile profiles from the admin console. This enhances security because there is no need to check the information from any other point in the network.

Anti Theft

Because stealing mobile devices can sometimes be easy, it's very important to have measures in place to help prevent theft and manage security once a theft has taken place. Your rmm hardware and software solution should include as many failsafe measures as possible. This is why Comodo One's MDM module includes the ability to track and locate mobile devices on the network. Plus, it can lock out the device once it is located, so important information cannot be accessed. It also helps to prevent someone from using a password program as it will lock out the intruder after a number of attempts to enter the system. If equipped with a front facing camera, the rmm hardware management application can also trigger the camera to take an image of the user trying to log in the system.

Additional Features

With Comodo One's rmm hardware management solutions, you enjoy enhanced features like antivirus protection for your mobile network devices. Plus, only approved apps will be allowed after setting your own policies. You can manage and assign certificates and scan devices right after enrollment. To find out more about Comodo One's MDM features, visit us on the Web today at https://one.comodo.com/mobile-device-management.php.

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