Policy-Based Management and Compliance

Dynamic policy management configures endpoints based on on context, user or group profile, department or location to support company policies and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Policy Enforcement

Comodo ONE Policy Enforcement gives administrators control over all the critical settings needed for core desktop policy enforcement
Use a"Golden Machine" to define a corporate standard for primary system and application settings and use Comodo ONE to enforce them across all your desktops

Logon Scripts

  • Policy is only applied when needed, using a flexible, rules-based approach that ensure fast logon times
  • No more waiting for logon scripts to finish running at each logon


Dynamic policy management capabilities configure printers, drives, and other desktop sessions based on user-location and context

Flexible Group Policies

IT can define granular policies based on context, using a scalable, point-and-click interface

  • No limits IT policy flexibility and granularity

vPro Support

  • VPro detection and enablement
  • OOB Power Management
  • AMT Functions
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Marly Computers vof

Netherlands based managed services provider leverages the Comodo One platform and RMM to improve customer support.