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5 Android Remote Access Tools You Need to Know

Android rule the roost in terms of mobile market penetration as it is currently installed in over 2 billion devices and boasts a market share of more than 76%. This kind of market access merits the attention and prioritization of network administrators and MSPs alike. Given the sheer volume of Android tools in the market, MSPs need Android remote access tools to make management of the said devices more efficient.

Android remote access tools must be judged by the kind of security solutions they provide since Android still has a lot of security vulnerabilities. And then there’s usability. How usable is the Android remote access software even to the non-technical person? Most of all, what kind of features does it pack and how is its customer support?

Let’s take a look at five Android remote access tools that blend all these criteria together:

Android Remote Access
  1. TeamViewer

    If you ever wanted to control your desktop using an Android remote access software, TeamViewer is one such software which can grant you this advantage. Aside from controlling your computer remotely, this Android remote access app can likewise facilitate file transfers between computer and mobile device. TeamViewer boasts of multi-touch support, auto quality adjustment, backdoor access behind firewalls and proxies, friends list, AES security encryption and exchange. Most of these features can only be used by paying customers.

  2. AirDroid

    What if you’d like to manage your phone using your desktop computer? AirDroid does exactly that. AirDroid is free for download on the Google Playstore. When you download the Android remote access app, you will be able to perform a majority of tasks on your phone remotely by using a web browser. This program works on both Windows and Mac environments. Once you install this Android remote access app, you will be able to manage your files on the device, control its settings, manage its SMS messages,add or remove contacts, review call logs, make calls, set ringtones, manipulate files, and gain access to music, photos, and videos.

  3. 2x client RDP

    If your machine has an old Windows OS from XP to Windows 8, chances are it is using RDP instead of the most recent Remote Desktop Connection. This can be a problem if you want Android remote access on an older computer. But the good news is, 2x client RDP can enable Android remote access. Aside from the main feature, you’ll be able to use your keyboard to flawlessly interact with your device. 2 client RDP features a full screen mode, better scrolling than other Android remote access programs, gesture support, gesture configuration setting, etc. The app can work with any Android device version 1.6 and up.

  4. Splashtop On-Demand Support

    Splashtop On-Demand Support allows you to gain Android remote access in real time and with a wide array of products the program can work with, you have no problems accessing phones and tablets of different brands. With Splashtop you are able to support multiple operating systems aside from Android. Cross-integration allows techs to Android remote access from a Windows, Mac, or another Android device. You can also access desktop computers on the Android device.

  5. Comodo ONE

    And finally we have Comodo ONE. Cybersecurity company Comodo brings Comodo ONE—the only total solutions remote access tool to the market today. Comodo ONE is not just Android remote focused, it is a tool that also offers features like Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM), Patch Management, Network Assessment Tool, etc. The solution also has robust customization features thanks to the Free Script Library. Finally MSPs can manage their businesses better thanks to Comodo’s bevy of client management features like a Quote Manager, a Service Desk, a Warehouse Manager, a set of Free Templates so MSPs don’t have to struggle looking for proposal formats, a Dispatcher’s Workshop, and many more.

    Android remote access can be used by users in corporate networks to gain the ability to log on to their system and access important information from outside the office. With Android remote access, employees can better perform their professional tasks even without having to go to their office premises. What’s more is work becomes less and less operating system dependent and device configuration dependent. This plug and play capability increases the flexibility of the network to work with different devices while at the same time standardizing output based on how things are done in the office.

    So what are you waiting for? If you’re looking for an Android remote access tool, iOS, Mac, Windows and other operating systems can access, check out Comodo One right now!

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