Software Deployment

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Deploy and manage third-party software automatically--no need for manual distribution. Automated alerts track application status and usage.

Automatic Distribution and Updates

  • Automatically distribute, update and manage third-party software - no more manual monitoring networks for updates
  • Eliminate having to create installation scripts across several operating systems

Automated Alerts Track Status

Automated alerts allow IT managers to track:

  • Application status
  • Top deployed applications
  • Deployments in the last 24 hours

Task Management

Organize and manage software tasks using Comodo ONE administrative portals.

Why Comodo?
Why is Comodo One Free?
Why Comodo One
Convey2Web Logo

Convey2Web, LLC is a managed services provider based in Middletown, Delaware serving the IT needs of the community for the past 10 years. Convey2Web is an end-to-end provider of IT services including on-site and off premise monitoring, as well as web hosting, website development and website optimization. As a Comodo digital certificate customer, Convey2Web recently engaged with Comodo on its new Comodo One management platform.

"We needed to put a new remote management and monitoring tool in place – and the Comodo One platform came out as exactly the right time for us, just as we were evaluating other tools. We’ve already started rolling out the free Comodo RMM and Comodo Patch Management features to some of our customers, and it is already making a world of difference for our company. Because this platform was built by MSPs for MSPs, Comodo One is giving us better utilization of our internal resources, freeing up time to focus on additional customer challenges and solve them quickly –and, we’re saving money because it is all free. We can now move our break fix customers to a managed services model that will generate new revenue streams for us. We look forward to a very long relationship with Comodo and helping them to continue to make Comodo One a success for all."
Mr. Robert Morton, President, Convey2Web, LLC