Services Desk

Creating A Better Services Desk

A service desk is meant to be a central point of help in any organization, but many times, they don't help. If you find that everyone complains about the services being too slow or not being personable, you may need to change things. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations in creating the perfect central point and making everyone more productive. Therefore, we have come up with a product that makes it easier to:

  • Make improvements where necessary
  • Assess how others are doing
  • Create a metrics system that evaluates and measures what businesses need
  • Expect the best from everyone

How To Create A Success Circle

There are four primary needs for success in any company, which include improvements, metrics, assessments and expectations. You need to know what your customers or end users expect from the business and the IT department. Of course, part of that will be the services they provide, such as being friendly, fixing problems, helping with requests and more. Our product makes that easier because customers can create tickets, will have access to a self-service FAQ database and more. Agents can quickly determine which problems are critical and will be able to keep everything organized.

Metrics, or the measurement of success, can be difficult, but our service desk product provides enhanced reporting options so you can generate reports on whatever you need. If employees are being reviewed, you can search by agent to determine how many tickets they close each day and how well they're performing. The reports can also be used to identify where improvements are needed. Does the self-service portal offer enough options so people can fix their problems or should you include other topics? Are agents struggling with severe problems and could those problems be stopped before they escalate? Contact us to learn more about our services and service desk options.