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Reasons Why Your Service Desk Software Should Help With Information Security

Many organizations today have a separate team that deals with information security only. This group is likely responsible for implementing and designing everything necessary to protect the organization and to manage all incidents. However, most companies don't realize that the service desk and its software should also be involved.

Everyone Is Responsible

At Comodo, we believe it should be the responsibility of everyone to ensure security. You probably have security measures for the building and protocols that are followed when sensitive information is present, but the IT service desk and its software should also conform to the policies. Typical procedures can include:

  • Acceptable Use – The product you use should only be used as it is intended.
  • Mobile Devices – If the product is installed onto a mobile device for access on the go, it should be managed appropriately, such as locking the keypad
  • Password Management – While we don't password protect our product, it should be installed on a computer with a password. That password shouldn't be given to anyone unauthorized.
  • Remote Working – Will the product be used while working from home or in hotels?
Service Desk Software

Remote Working

Most people wouldn't dream of giving an individual access to company information while at home or on the go, but it is a relatively common occurrence in today's modern world. The cost of commuting can be extremely high, especially in big cities, so many people prefer to work from home.

In some cases, companies can consider work-from-home employees as freelancers and aren't required to pay for health insurance and other benefits.

Our service desk software can be used by anyone and is completely free. However, you need to establish the policies that fit the needs of your company. Contact us today for more information.