Service Desk Open Source

Reasons Why Open Source Service Desk Software Options Are Best

While not every company can use open source service desk and other software, it can be the best choice for many businesses. At Comodo, we strive to offer the best products for the least amount of money and have four products total that are entirely free. Our Service Desk is one of them, as well as patch management, remote monitoring and management and a free version of our Comodo Device Manager. You can efficiently set up your whole company with free products that work well and provide the satisfaction you need.

Some of the features from our open source service desk software include:

  • Automated ticketing system
  • Track requests quickly, efficiently and with filters
  • Manage incoming and closed tickets
  • Better organization abilities
  • Enhanced reporting for administrators
  • SLA and document saving options to keep everything in one place
  • Automatic notifications and alerts sent to customers
  • Customer FAQ database
Service Desk Open Source

Why Free?

Most people think of free and think cheap things that will break after the first use. We are trying to change that mentality because we believe you should be able to get quality without a cost. While not all of our products are free, most of them are, meaning you can run your entire company without additional costs for overhead. You can push those savings onto customers, making it a win-win for everyone.

You can stay competitive by offering lower prices for the same services as competitors because you're not paying thousands of dollars for software.

To ensure that our product meets your needs, you should make sure it will do everything you need it to do. If so, you can save money and have the same service desk software as an open source product. Contact us today to learn more.