Service Desk Metrics

How To Measure IT And Service Desk Metrics To Improve Performance

It can be difficult to measure IT and service desk metrics because there's no standard framework to tell you what to do. Analyzing and gathering the information takes time, so it's important to do it right the first time. At Comodo, we want to help you ensure that your performance is at its best, so we have come up with a process for measuring, which includes:

At Comodo, we want to ensure that your service desk technician gets the help and support they need. It isn't an easy job to fix everyone's computer problems, but having a reliable system can help. Our product:

  • Top-Down Approach
  • Create A Hierarchy
  • Form A Group

If you can measure performance with IT and the service desk software, you'll align activity with what the company needs and will also be able to prove value so that the business understands. The IT department needs to know that measuring the wrong metrics could result in a lower budget or job cuts.

Top-Down Approach

You should remember that the company's idea of performance may not be the same as yours. To measure the performance of the staff or the products used, you need to talk with the business leaders to find out what information they want. From that, you'll get a list of key performance indicators (KPIs) that can help you determine what you need to show.


We believe that your best option is to show them what you use, why you use it and the benefits they can receive. Companies are always focused on the bottom-line and with our service desk product, it won't be hurting their bottom line at all. Our product is free, which means that you can organize your ticketing system efficiently and get customers the help they need faster. Our product can improve your performance, which will make customers happy. Happy customers mean more business and more revenue. Contact us today to learn more.