Service Desk Definition

The Definition Of Service Desk

A service desk is the primary communications center, which is meant to provide SPOC (Single Point Of Contact) between the company and all of its employees, business partners and customers. Its purpose is to make sure that all users receive the right help promptly. At Comodo, we realize that many companies don't have the proper Service Desk software because they're unsure of what to choose or don't think they can afford it. We can help on both fronts because we:

  • Provide a free product to all who need it
  • Offer automated services, such as ticketing
  • Provide a place for all of the SLAs and catalogs
  • Keep everything organized and running smoothly


Most help desks are designed to handle requests for services and incidents. An incident is meant to be an event that causes disruption in availability or quality. It could be that someone's computer won't start, or the website is down. A services request can include routine tasks, such as changing passwords or setting up new users. We can help with all that, as well as release management, configuration tasks and change management.

Service Desk Definition

Other Choices

While this is the primary option for many, help desks and call centers are also available. Most people don't understand the difference between a help and service desk, but the definition can certainly help. In the second version of ITIL, there was no difference, but in the ITILv.3, it claims that ServiceDesks now offer a bigger range of services, solve more problems and integrate business processes into the infrastructure. The definition of help desks says that if help is needed throughout the company or organization, someone will be available to help.

Our product can help with all three because instead of a call center, they'll be able to use the service desk for help. Contact us to learn more.