Open Source Service Desk Software

How To Evaluate Open Source Service Desk Software

Many professionals are turned off by the word open-source or free because most people have been burnt by those options in the past. However, at Comodo, we believe in creating free products that everyone can use, regardless of size or need, so we have a service desk product available to our patrons. When considering whether open source options are the right choice, you should ask if it:

  • Does what it's supposed to do
  • Does what you need it to do
  • Does enough to get by
  • Comes with support if necessary

The answer to all of those questions should be yes or a variation.

Supposed to Do

The product you choose will list key features or benefits, so when you start using the product, make sure it does everything it says it does. If it doesn't, you may need to contact support to figure out what's going wrong. If it doesn't do something it's supposed to do, you may want to uninstall it and try something else. Our service desk product does everything we claim, and if it doesn't, we will help you fix it, so it does.

Open Source Service Desk Software

What You Need

You may need something different than another company. The IT department for each industry may be slightly different, but our product is meant to work with everyone. However, you shouldn't take our word for it alone. You can check out all the features and make sure it will do what you need it to do. If it doesn't, you may find one of our other free products can help.


Technical support is a must-have, but many service desk software options don't come with any additional support or require you to pay for it. We do offer free support for all our products, so contact us today.