IT Service Desk Software

What Is An IT Service Desk And What Does It Do?

Before the millennium, an IT service desk was a little easier to explain. It simply meant helping people who called in for help. It was meant as a way to provide technical support for the customers, and could include any person, any issue and sometimes dealt with something other than computers, such as how to set up new telephony equipment. While the end-user requirements haven't really changed, you aren't just offering help to those who need it. Now, you're required to provide services.

At Comodo, we believe that helping others is just good business practices. We offer our free service desk product to help you help others. It should be the single point of contact between the users and the service provider and can manage incidents and handle services requests. However, it will also handle communication with users.

Features of Service Desk Software in IT Industry

In most cases, you will want to ensure the product or company you choose offers these features:

  • Access anytime, any day with a variety of methods
  • Customized greetings
  • Email updates
  • Online portals to review statuses
  • Tracking and reporting

With Comodo One, you'll get all that and more. For example, you'll have a convenient dashboard that can:

  • Show tickets in various categories (closed, priority levels, agents, and more)
  • Get scripted responses to make it easier to respond to customers
  • Automatic routing of tickets to the appropriate department/agent

You can set up our product to work with your toolset and processes.

IT Service Desk Software

Great for MSPs

If you're an MSP, you can still use our product to help with your customers. Your clients will likely outsource support to you. You can use our system to ensure that tickets get created and completed promptly. Contact us for more information today.