Best Service Desk Software

How To Buy The Best Service Desk Software

If you are like most companies, you're focused on cutting costs when possible, keeping the business afloat and earning more revenue. However, if you're not focused on the IT or service desk area of the company, you could be losing money and not realize it. At Comodo, we believe the best software available is one that:

  • Is cost effective
  • Offers self-service options
  • Supports tickets and incident logging
  • Provides satisfaction surveys
  • Offers workflow management
  • Helps with SLAs
  • Offers metrics and dashboards, as well as reporting
  • Provides automation to daily tasks

How We Compare

With cost-effectiveness, you have to focus on what you get and how much it costs. Our product is completely free and will always be free. We don't just offer a trial or require a monthly payment to continue using all the features. For us, this is part of the best service desk software, because we don't feel that anyone should have to pay for such an integral part of business.

We also offer SLA options, so you can keep all of your service-level agreements in one place and automate many of your daily tasks. Customers can search for answers to their questions first, so they aren't taking valuable time away from more pressing matters, but they can also submit their tickets on their own, making it much easier for them.

We also provide alerts to customers and agents, so everyone knows what's going on and when. It doesn't make sense to allow customers to input tickets without letting agents know that new problems need to be fixed. It also doesn't make sense for agents to see tickets without giving a response to the customer. The best service desk product will do all of that and more, so contact us today to learn more.

Best Service Desk Software