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What is Service Desk?

A service desk serves as a single point of contact between service providers and their users or customers. Through this channel, users can engage service providers, commonly IT or technical support staff, for help in troubleshooting errors they encounter in the software or platform. Service desks empower people and transform their messages into a network assessment tool by which a service provider can monitor the overall health of the network, security, and database systems of an organization.

A good example of this is the Comodo ONE Service Desk:- a free automated management system that allows users to create tickets for service requests, and for IT staff or MSPs to manage tickets and use them for records and workflows.

IT Help Desk

Service Desk Vs Help Desk

While both desks provide customer service support, the difference between a service desk and a help desk lies in the number of channels, functions, and mediums they use. A service desk aims to manage customer service requests at an organizational level. This means that aside from fulfilling user requests, they also perform incident management, configuration management, ticketing management, and knowledge management. Service desk does these on a wide variety of mediums like a portal, customer support software, live chat software, and CRM software. The purpose of a help desk, on the other hand, is to provide quick troubleshooting support for customers usually on a single channel. Help desks are narrowly_focused on gaining customer satisfaction in the short -term while service desks work to meet the long-term needs of customers and/or end_users.

The Comodo ONE Service Desk application carries the functionalities of a help desk application while providing the robust features a service desk needs for network assessment and management.

Help Desk

Why Service Desk Solution?

A service desk solution brings a service provider many benefits that raises both efficiency and business. Here is what a business can expect from a service desk software:

  • Helps a service providers manage their its relationships with their client businesses.
  • Provides a platform for real-time collaboration.
  • Allows service providers to streamline service delivery.
  • Includes in-depth network assessment for data-driven decision making.
  • Enables a service provider to manage assets on an organizational level.
IT Ticketing System

How Comodo ONE Service Desk Manages Tickets?

Comodo ONE Service Desk ticket management is one of the many managed IT services functionalities folded into the Comodo ONE platform. Administrators, team leaders, and staff can access tickets in the Service Desk Staff Panel. The panel provides these agents with a dashboard to monitor open and closed tickets as well as the ability to create, assign, open, and close tickets. Staff can maintain a knowledge base which will serve as source material for FAQs and template responses when answering tickets. Staff can also use the system to monitor their productivity through time sheets and collaborate on projects as well as update clients' contract details.

service desk vs help desk

Features / Benefits of Service Desk

Anytime access, completely cloud-based

Customized greetings

Automated emails and updates

Online, easy-to-use dashboards

Comprehensive tracking and reporting

Configurable ticket categories

Scripted responses

Automatic ticket routing

Integrated knowledge base

Service Level Agreement tracking (SLAs)

Escalation procedures

Branded customer portal and user experience

Ability to collect tickets via phone, web portal, email or automatically from endpoint monitors

Access to account tickets via Comodo One Mobile app

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Types of Service Desk

There are three common types of service desks outlined in the Information Technology Infrastructure Library framework and all of them are classified by location.

1. Local Service Desk
A local service desk means the organization sets up the support channel in the country or locale where their customers are. For example, a British company with interests in the US market sets up a service center in one of the key US cities.

2. Centralized Service Desk
A centralized service desk involves creating a focal support center which will answer all the service needs of the organization's customers irrespective of their location. This setup can be found in a US conglomerate's call center in India taking calls from customers in the United States.

3. Follow the Sun or 24/7 Service Desk

The best IT Help Desk should be a powerful multi-functional tool which synergizes collaboration between the service provider and the client business while maximizing staff productivity and streamlining service delivery to the endpoints. Here are the things you should look for in a supercharged IT Help Desk:

A ticket management system which tracks customer service requests from submission to completion and ties together all tiers of a support infrastructure from first-response teams to second tier support and beyond.

A client management system which displays service delivery rates, turn-around times, staff schedules, ticket statuses and completion rates, and resources needed to resolve tasks.

A fully automated system which boosts the efficiency of service delivery from network assessment to cybersecurity maintenance tasks.

Comodo ONE has all of these features and more at a price tag of $0.

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The IT service desk for modern IT teams offers a service provider several key features and benefits for their day-to-day operations:

1. Boosts service delivery efficiency

2. Serves as a network assessment log showing the service quality of a software or platform at any given time.

3. Provides a common channel for business and service provider to manage their relationship.

4. Automates data collection and analytics which provides a sound basis for monitoring aspects of the business, the network, and for decision-making in general.

5. Gives contextual information on staff productivity through a ticketing system and a scheduling too.

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When looking for a service desk application for IT Service Management, you need to look for the following qualities:

1. An ITSM service desk application which unifies corporate ITSM needs and service delivery capacity in one place while standardizing ITSM processes.

2. Each tool in the ITSM service desk software package all fulfill key service requirements – not just bells and whistles.

3. The ITSM service desk software can easily be integrated into existing business systems.

4. The ITSM service desk application is backed by a recognized, trusted, and professional brand.

5. The developer of the ITSM service desk application wants to build a relationship instead of just providing support.

6. The ITSM service desk software is the choice application among front-line staff and technical service providers.

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The best service desk software for customer service achieves the following points and should be key traits to consider when acquiring one for customer support purposes:

Streamlines customer support activities into one process which makes issue handling move effortlessly across all responsible departments.

Powerful and comprehensive documentation of issues through the ticketing system and the knowledge base for faster and better resolution delivery.

Works as an open loop communication channel between a service provider and customer for constant improvement of customer experience and the quality service delivery.

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See how the Comodo ONE Service Desk can help your organization provide flawless ITSM today. The Comodo ONE IT Management Platform integrates all the tools you need under a pane of glass:

RMM Software

Remote Control and Access

Automated Patch Management

Mobile Application Manager

IT Automation Library and Scripting

Network Assessment Tool

Network Performance

Auto Discover for Devices and Software Deployment

Policy-based User Management and Compliance

Analytics and Reporting

Scalable Cloud Architecture

Cloud-based Monitoring and Client-Relationship Management Tools

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Service Desk (Help Desk) FAQ

Simply manage service desk costs using 'Charging Configurations' feature in Comodo ONE. The 'Charging' feature in Comodo ONE evaluates the cost calculation for varying rates of time spend. The Default charging asset shows the asset rate set by the admin for different assets are available. This charging is added to the tickets and contracts.

This portal offers an in-depth view of service audit logs. The following actions can be tracked at the service desk: Company, System, Tickets, Emails, Knowledgebase, Ticket categories, Alerts & Notices. Learn how to view the service audit logs in simple steps. All the changes made under the respective headings can be viewed - Comodo, Management, Audit Logs.

The Comodo One service desk has the feature to add Expandables Variables to Email Templates to replace values in the body of the message. Expandables Variables will replace values in the message body when the email is sent. Learn how to use Expand variables within such template options for customization of message body according to your needs.

Comodo ONE provides a new set of options for staff to schedule the ticket depending on the staff availability. Learn how to schedule your ticket in Comodo ONE platform with these simple steps.

Learn about the ITSM new feature for admin that helps them to search and sort users, Service Desk tickets, and gives detailed information on the user, tickets as well as the organization. Comodo ONE has been enhanced with new features for searching the users, tickets as well as the organization.

Our Customers' Success Stories

76 Bits Large

Based in Hammersmith, London, 76BITS designs, delivers and maintains IT solutions for customers across South East England, as well as Finland and Thailand. For nearly 20 years, 76BITS has been supporting businesses and helping them make the most of available technology to deliver increased performance, efficiency and reliability - from network design to maintenance and upgrades. "We are a small managed service provider in the U.K. that focuses on serving our customers with the very best IT experience possible - be that computer repairs, maintenance or security. We are currently taking full advantage of the remote management and monitoring module of Comodo One, which enables us to monitor our customers and service them faster. By having access to a proven, free service management tool like Comodo One, we can grow our business by automating tasks without sacrificing service or performance."

Mr. Mikael Berglund, CEO, 76BITS

Convey2web  Large

Convey2Web, LLC is a managed services provider based in Middletown, Delaware serving the IT needs of the community for the past 10 years. Convey2Web is an end-to-end provider of IT services including on-site and off premise monitoring, as well as web hosting, website development and website optimization. As a Comodo digital certificate customer, Convey2Web recently engaged with Comodo on its new Comodo One management platform.

"We needed to put a new remote management and monitoring tool in place – and the Comodo One platform came out as exactly the right time for us, just as we were evaluating other tools. We’ve already started rolling out the free Comodo RMM and Comodo Patch Management features to some of our customers, and it is already making a world of difference for our company. Because this platform was built by MSPs for MSPs, Comodo One is giving us better utilization of our internal resources, freeing up time to focus on additional customer challenges and solve them quickly –and, we’re saving money because it is all free. We can now move our break fix customers to a managed services model that will generate new revenue streams for us. We look forward to a very long relationship with Comodo and helping them to continue to make Comodo One a success for all."

Mr. Robert Morton, President, Convey2Web, LLC

Marly Computers  Large

Based in Gendringen, Netherlands, Marly Computers vof is a managed services provider that has been helping local companies with their IT needs since 2001. The company prides itself on its hands-on approach and personal attention it delivers to its cross section of customers in healthcare, education, manufacturing and technology industries with IT hardware, software and services solutions designed to aid its customers use technology to advance their businesses.

"Many customers of Marly Computers vof are small to medium sized businesses, who truly appreciate our hands-on and dedicated approach we take to solve their IT challenges. Our technical team is always on the road helping our clients, and the lack of a remote management and monitoring system in place always created a challenge for us. Since taking advantage of Comodo One's remote management features and offerings, we started seeing faster response times, quicker remediation and improved management of our customers. We are very happy to be an early adopter of the Comodo One managed services platform and look forward to exploring more of its offerings in the months to come."

Mr. Michel Engelbarts, CEO, Marly Computers vof

Xl Pro Tech  Large

Based in the United Kingdom, XL Pro PC has grown from a builder of custom PC’s back in 2008, to a full managed services provider servicing the IT needs of consumers and small businesses across Halifax and West Yorkshire. With a desire to always keep IT costs in check, XL Pro recently registered for the free Comodo One MSP IT management platform while looking for a stable RMM solution to better service its customer base. "Moving over to a new solution for remote monitoring and management was a vital step for our company's growth but it was also a process we needed to implement thoughtfully with a view to a long term strategy that works for us and our clients. It's important for managed services organizations like ours to keep costs down while also ensuring performance is never sacrificed. The money we are saving on licensing fees and other service costs through the Comodo One MSP allows us to hire more people and better compete for business. Comodo One MSP is an excellent solution that meets our RMM needs. The fact that there are additional features being added to the platform in the months to come allows us to focus on continued growth while also solidifying the customer relationships we have worked so hard to build."

Mr. Matt Helliwell, Company Director, XL Pro PC

Manage all your Helpdesk request within the organization automatically and assign incidents to the agents from Comodo One free service desk ticketing system

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