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You've Found an RMM PSA Solution - Now What?

Many msp companies today have specific needs for remote management and monitoring as well as professional services automation. There are a few programs out there which claim to provide rmm psa integration. This lets you automate your professional services and enhance your remote network managing capabilities all at one time. But how can you be sure you have found the right platform for your business? Here are some important questions to ask yourself about your free rmm psa integrated software.

Are Your Customers Impressed?

What kind of feedback have you received from your clients? If you have no feedback you may want to conduct a poll or survey. This can tell you a great deal about how your RMM psa system is working and just how effective it is.

It's important to remember, all client feedback is good whether it's negative or positive. In fact, negative feedback is even more important because it usually points to a problem area which needs to be addressed.

Is Your Staff Impressed?

Talk to your people about the new integrated software. Are you receiving good reviews, poor reviews or indifferent reviews? The staff is your best source to turn to because they know how things ran before and after the change and can help you decide if you made the right rmm psa decision or not.

Does it Seem Complicated?

Is the program simple to operate? Did you have to answer a lot of questions from your staff about the software? How did the training go? If some people had problems, were they able to solve them or not?

Is it Expensive?

Cost is one of the most important factors to consider. This is why you should consider going with an open source rmm psa platform. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • There is no investment required
  • It will not affect your operating budget
  • Should you decide an open source program is not the best solution, you can simply uninstall. However, when you buy proprietary software, you could be out the licensing fees which can be substantial.

Can It Handle Your Mobile Network?

Not all rmm psa programs are designed to take care of your mobile device needs. The program's remote monitoring capabilities should include failsafe measures in case you mobile data has been compromised. It should give you the ability to perform data wipes and lock out any device on the system. Instead of buying a separate program for your mobile needs, you can install a platform like Comodo One which includes MDM as one of the modules. It also comes with a mobile app add-on module, so you can access the system and receive alerts no matter where you are.

How is Your Overall Security?

Have you noticed improved security? Perhaps everything has been running smoothly and there have not been any major problems. This is a good thing and it may not be luck. The best programs are proactive in nature and take care of many issues while they are small and do not have the chance to develop into major problems like data breaches.

Are You or Your People Still Working Just as Hard?

Has installing your rmm psa program made it easier on you or your staff? If not, it may not be the solution you seek. A good program is designed to automate many common day to day tasks, so you and your staff will have less work to do and you can concentrate your efforts on other aspects of the business.

Are Your Profits Up?

After your RMM PSA Software has been in use for a while, compare the numbers. Look at the last quarter without the software and then compare it with a full quarter the software is in place. If you do not notice a difference you may have made the wrong choice. Top rated programs providing psa and rmm solutions can save a considerable amount of money and increase profits.

How Are Customer Relations?

Do you notice faster response times to trouble tickets? Do they seem to be fewer than in the past and are most of them closed within a reasonable amount of time? A good rmm psa program comes with an automated service desk to help you with issuing, prioritizing and dealing with trouble tickets. This is almost sure to improve customer relations over the course of time.

Are You Still Undecided?

If you have installed professional rmm psa software and are not sure if it is a good thing or bad thing, it could be a bad thing. A good platform will serve many of your needs and make everyone's job a little easier. If you cannot make up your mind, come see what Comodo One has in store for you at https://one.comodo.com/ or call (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration.

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