RMM Opensource Software

RMM Open Source Software - Don't Believe Everything You Read

When you buy proprietary remote monitoring and management software, you may have to pay quite a bit of money for a good program. On the other hand, rmm open source software is free. There are no license fees to be concerned with and it can be run on a single computer or an entire network of machines without additional cost. However, because this software is free, a number of myths and misconceptions have been floating around for some time. Let's explore some of these myths, so they can be exposed for what they are - "unproven".

1. It's All Free and There is Nothing to Pay

Most people believe all open source software (OSS) is free. However, this is not the case, because of how developers define their products. For example, with OSS programs you have free access to the code and you can change it to suit your needs. Some companies walk a fine line when they claim their products are open source. You need to check the licensing language to be sure. However, when you install Comodo One on your machines, you do not pay for licensing and it is free to use for your business.

2. All RMM Open Source Programs Do Not Have Copyright Restrictions

These programs are designed so everyone can access them and enjoy the benefits they provide. They are free to make changes, but if a company took one of these programs and tried to market it as proprietary software for profit, it could be a problem. In most cases, this does not happen but this is another reason to read the license agreement before installing.

3. RMM Open Source Software is Developed by Novices and Students

In some cases, this kind of software is used for teaching but many excellent programs have been developed by professionals. In fact, Comodo One is a perfect example, as it was brought into being by MSP professionals for those in the MSP industry.

4. OSS Quality is Not as Good as Proprietary Programs

Just because you paid for a program, does not automatically make it superior. In some cases, proprietary programs are better but it depends on the program and who wrote it. There are some very good OSS programs available today and they have been around for years.

5. Security is an Issue with RMM Open Source Software

It's true, many people work on OSS projects and they might be passed from one person to another. However, this can actually increase security because potential problems can be viewed from a number of different angles.

One of the best ways to plug security holes in a program is by getting as much user feedback as possible. With proprietary programs, feedback is usually limited, but with OSS, you may have feedback from a number of people and special online forums where people can discuss problems and find solutions.

OSS allows many minds to get together for a single purpose. This is known as the master mind principle, and has been used by thousands of successful people throughout the history of mankind.

6. There is No Support for OSS

The kind of support you'll find depends on the RMM open source program you choose to install. Some OSS has online support forums where you can read about many different issues and ask questions from forum members. Some companies offer support services and also provide online FAQ sections which can provide the answer to many of your problems or questions.

7. OSS is Designed for Programmers

OSS is the perfect medium for exploring software programs and seeing what goes on "under the hood". However, everyone stands to benefit from quality OSS programs. In fact, many of these programs are designed to be user friendly, so you don't have to know the difference between C++, Python or Java (to name a few) to receive some exceptional benefits.

8. All RMM Open Source Software is the Same

You can find a number of rmm tools which are OSS. However, features and functions can be quite different. Some programs concentrate mostly on network monitoring while others may be focused on virus and malware prevention. When you check out rmm programs make sure to choose one which integrates psa with rmm functions and provides as many options as possible. In fact, when you look at all the good things Comodo One has for you, your search may stop there. Go to https://one.comodo.com/ on the Web today or call (972) 649-9012 and ask about a live demonstration.