IT Risk Management

IT Risk Management is an application of risk management practices to an IT organization to manage and assess the risks that involve, operates and uses IT as a part of the business practices of any organization. In IT, a risk is defined as the possible vulnerability of the systems and the associated threats that pose to degrade the organization's value.

IT Risk Management involves the following processes

Assessment – Each risk is assessed to understand its severity

Mitigation – Implement preventive measures to bring down the possibilities of specific risks

Evaluation and Assessment – This would help to evaluate and comprehend the effectiveness of counter-measures based on the results and then work on the required improvements.

Risk Management

Risk Management for Enterprises

Businesses involve an enormous amount of confidential data, which requires complete protection as it poses high amounts of risk. Companies save a lot of customers’ sensitive data like social security number, credit card information and so in their database. Therefore, it is vital for all the organization to regularly investigate the risks and the objectives of its business infrastructure to protect the customer and business-related information. Enrolling for a systematic and scalable approach to risk management helps to identify the security-based business processes

Comodo One MSP as your Risk Management System

Comodo One offers a centralized IT Operating platform to solve your customers’ IT challenges more efficiently with everything you require to manage your organization infrastructure... It equips the MSPs with Remote Monitoring Management, Patch Management, Mobile Device Management and all that is required for an MSP to manage the client organization’s IT infrastructure. Part of the Comodo One offers effective Risk Management solutions for the organizations to give a complete control over the network, with actionable insights to comprehend the alternatives and improvements of the current IT security posture, objective and architecture of the organization network.

It empowers the IT admin with the following risk management process

  • Identifies the risk
  • Analyzes the risk
  • Evaluates the intensity of the risk
  • Alters the risk
  • Ensures systematic review of the risk

The Risk Management solution also ensures 24/7 monitoring service to provide a complete overview of the network effectively.

Comodo ONE MSP ensures to control any possible risks in your network through vulnerability assessment and web protection services. Enroll with Comodo ONE MSP for effective risk management and streamline IT management duties, while you can concentrate more on the business management aspects.

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