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Do You Need a PSA RMM Solution?

You need a number of tools to operate an msp business and rmm and psa programs are very important today. But is it possible to find a psa rmm solution with just one platform? Let's take a look at each of these software applications, to see is psa rmm can fit under one kind of program.

What is PSA?

PSA is professional services automation software specifically designed for IT professionals (like MSPs). It helps them supply their customer's needs. This could include either resource or project management. It makes it easier to conduct business by keeping track of transactions and everything is connected to a central database. In other words, issues like support tickets, invoicing and billing can all be done with the same program.

What is RMM?

Remote managing and monitoring is software containing a number of IT tools for businesses like MSPs. It is the job of the program to take in information from other applications and computers and send it to the MSP. It lets the MSP know how their customer's networks are doing. For example, each network is routinely scanned for problems and trouble tickets are tracked and monitored. This can all be done from a remote location.

Combining PSA and RMM Needs

Many MSPs today have the need for both kinds of software programs and they are in search of a psa RMM solution. However, for some reason, very few software companies are integrating psa with their rmm programs. This is where Comodo One comes in. This software is a psa rmm platform which helps to make it easier on the modern day MSP.

Specially Designed for MSP Needs

Comodo One has come about from the collective efforts of MSP companies. In fact, it offers psa rmm MSP solutions from MSP professionals. They know the problems the modern day MSP faces and have integrated special features into the RMM Software they have developed. Thanks to the MSPC (Managed Service Provider Consortium) this program is open source and available to all who want and need it. This psa rmm software is designed to help MSP professionals:

  • Save money on very expensive software licensing fees
  • Improve performance
  • Increase profits

Server Support

There are several types of operating systems in service today and the modern IT professional must able to serve them all. Many companies today operate their own networks and use server computers. The best rmm software should be able to handle common server operating systems like Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, Windows and others. If not, there could be some major problems down the road.

Comodo One Answers PSA RMM Questions

One of the most important concerns for MSP businesses is customer service and support. With Comodo One you get a service desk module. Today, many people still write down requests from customers on a notepad or sticky note. Even if you use a word processor or spreadsheet program it can be difficult to keep up with everything. In fact, any manual system is time consuming and subject to human error factors.

Comodo one Service Desk not only eliminates manually tracking, it eliminates the need to take requests altogether. This is a great psa rmm solution and here is why:

  • When your customers have issues they can log into your system and enter their own tickets.
  • Customers can track the progress of their tickets.
  • Ticket status and priority may be viewed by the customer.
  • This can be done without the need to contact you personally.
  • Saves time and resources on electronic and phone communications.
  • Save customer service resources - thanks to the integrated help section, your customers can find solutions to common problems without the need to contact your staff.
  • No need to exit the software to use another application.
  • You can access psa rmm data from a mobile device.

There Are Additional Benefits to our Service Desk Module

  • You may customize your greetings.
  • Updates are automated.
  • Cloud based - can be accessed anytime and from any location with Internet access.
  • User friendly online dashboard
  • Automated ticket routing

RMM Features

Comodo One let's you access the system from just about anywhere and you also have a great deal of help with patch management which gives you a proactive strategy for software security. Security updates can come at any time and some are issued one after the other, in some cases. In addition, your customers may have many different programs to keep track of and it's up to you (as the MSP) to make sure all patches are installed. Patches also need to be installed at the right time, to avoid business interruptions. Comodo One takes care of these issues with all the right features. If you are looking for the right psa rmm solution to your business problems, check out all these great features from Comodo One and there is even more good news. It is free! Call us at (973) 859 4000 ext 3025 for a live demonstration or visit today.

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