Server Patch Management

Server Patch Management is managing the patch requirements of the operating system, applications and other software on the Windows Server.

If you have servers, patch management is a necessity. Most companies do it when they get around to it, or annually, but every month, Microsoft and other companies release patches for certain applications and software. If you're not updating the server monthly with new patches, you're opening yourself up to security threats.

At Comodo, we believe that being proactive is much better than being reactive. Being reactive when it comes to patching means waiting until you notice a problem, such as a security breach or slower productivity to start the process. Being proactive means you are keeping up to date with the patching process so that threats don't have a chance.

5 Tips for Better Server Patch Management

Our product does five important things, which you should be doing already. They include:

  • Staying informed
  • Sticking to a schedule
  • Testing
  • Automate when possible
  • Verify!

How To Stay Informed

You need to know what patches are available for the server. Without that information, you can't apply them, and you won't be secure. In most cases, Microsoft sticks to a schedule for releasing patches, but sometimes, they have to rush them out, so you may not get them if you don't have a notification system, like our product offers.

Server Patch Management


You need to schedule time for patch management. It shouldn't be a "when I get time" situation because you'll never have the time necessary to do it all. Instead, our product allows you to set a schedule with rules and options, so you stay on track.

Testing and Automation

Testing the patches is a necessity, but what if it could be done automatically? Our server patch management product tests the patches first so you know they are ready for your system. Everything is automatic, and it can run in the background while you do other work. Contact us today to find out how to download our products.

What is Patch Management?
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