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Patch Management Is Hard—Get A Patch Manager

If you are in charge of patch management, you're probably pulling out your hair because it is a time-consuming and tedious task. IT management probably wishes there was another way, but there is. A patch manager can manage your patches for you, having everything automated and simple to use.

At Comodo, we know the difficulties and have come up with a system that patches applications and operating systems for you. While you'll still need to set the parameters and schedule times for searching and patching, it will take a lot of the "legwork" out of securing your network. Our product works with all patches, including:

  • Components of operating systems
  • Operating systems—Linux, MAC and Windows compatible
  • Java
  • Adobe
  • Microsoft
  • Third-party Apps

As such, you can use one product for multiple computers or networks to achieve security and safety for all your devices. While a patch manager may not be able to prevent all zero-day exploits or keep you protected against every imaginable vulnerability, it can take a lot of the work away from you.

Patch Manager

We know that it can be difficult to keep up to date with patches, so we alert you that new ones are available and stable for your system. Unstable patches (or ones that haven't been tested yet) could cause a lot of damages even though it is trying to prevent those damages and problems.

Management of these patches and systems is easy with our free software. We notify you when patches are available, and the patch manager handles it all for you. Instead of staying late to deal with these necessities, they can be automated to do it for you. If you need automated management of patches, contact us because we can help.

What is Patch Management?
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