Patch Management Policy

Creating A Patch Management Policy Can Be Simple With Automation

Attention to detail and security is a necessity for all corporations and organizations, but most of them don't have a standard patch management policy. In most cases, this task is deemed trivial or silly, but it is a practical and necessary part of managed IT services. IT automation makes it much easier to handle everyday tasks, so employees can do their jobs effectively without having to take too much time away from fixing problems.

At Comodo, we understand your need for a policy to keep things running smoothly, and we also know that most IT professionals don't understand what should be included. Our product is free and can:

  • Apply patches for OS and third-party software
  • Be used with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows machines
  • Offers a centralized interface
  • Automate updates to manage everything easily
Patch Management Policy

What We Offer

For any software to be helpful, it needs remote monitoring. If the IT department doesn't know that patches are available, they can't apply or test them. Therefore, our patch-management system will tell you immediately when there are patches available so you can choose which ones to use first. Scanning can be set to work autonomously, but then policies should state that some manual monitoring is done to ensure everything is working correctly.

Policies Tips

Patch management is a necessity, but sometimes patches aren't available. If you've noticed a bug in the system that causes productivity to decrease, you need policies in place to tell others what to do. Our system will let you know when patches become available, but you need to have something that tells others what to do until then.

Testing is another part of the policy, but with our product, this will be done automatically, so you won't have to worry. If you're interested in learning more about our free patch management tools, contact us today.