Open Source Patch Management

The Benefits Of Using Open Source Patch Management

Most people are unaware that open source just means that it is freely available to everyone and can be modified and redistributed. There are many free options on the market, but for patch management, most require a monthly fee. At Comodo, we believe that every computer and server network should be safe from threats and problems, so we offer our product free of charge, among others. There are many benefits to this way of doing things, including:

  • Free
  • Better
  • Participate
  • Multiple Vendors

Free Patch Management Software

Free can sometimes be the best option, especially if you're a beginner. Small companies may not have the budget for a costly patch management system, but our product allows you to see the benefits. If you choose to go to a paid version at some point, we'd be sad to see you go, but we'd understand. Open source options can help you determine if it's necessary and what you need from the patch manager.

Open Source Patch Management


In many cases, open-source products are better because more than one programmer is involved, so there are many new ideas. Our goal is to provide you with a product that you'll use every day to help protect your company's assets. We take that mission seriously.


While our software is relatively straightforward, it does allow you to change parameters or participate in the creating of schedules and rules. You get to say when it is run, which patches are necessary and more.

Multiple Vendors

When buying commercial software, you are stuck with that one company to solve all the problems relating to that area, such as patch management. You probably won't be able to make many changes or may need to change them through the provider, so you're stuck. However, we allow you to use multiple products from multiple vendors, if you choose, so contact us today.

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