Open Source Patch Management Software

Benefits Of Using Open Source Patch Management Software

When most people think of open source software, they think of something that isn't as good or that may be used as a supplement to other options. However, at Comodo, we believe that patch management products should be free for everyone so that they can keep their systems safe and still have the control they need.

You likely have many programs on the computer that need to be patched periodically to keep them secure and up to date. Only about 63 percent of organizations in the US have adequate automation in place to ensure installation of patches is more of a straightforward task. If you aren't part of that 63 percent, you should learn about the benefits of open source patch management products that are automated, like ours.


Patch-management products should offer features that make it easier to install them and manage them, which can include:

  • Policy enforcing capabilities
  • Verification that the patches were deployed successfully
  • Scanning networks to find all devices that need patches
  • Roll-back options to a pre-installed environment in case of problems


These products can save you money on your patching costs each year if they're used appropriately. We make it easy to use our product because we know how busy your IT department is. We can help you reduce repetitive tasks, including:

  • Identify patches
  • Determine how relevant they are
  • Test them for you
  • Scan your system for any exceptions
  • Apply patches
  • Validate that patches work correctly

Because of our product's capabilities, you get time-saving and cost-saving benefits. Free patch management products allow you to get a free product that works to save your IT department precious time. contact us today if you would like to learn more about our line of products.

Open Source Patch Management Software