Linux Patch Management

The Three Steps To Linux Patch Management

Those companies who use a Linux OS may think the world is against them. It can sometimes be hard to find software and products that work for your system because it isn't as popular as Windows. However, at Comodo, we understand that you still need patch management options and have come up with a product to help you.

Our tools work with many operating systems, including:

  • Most Windows Systems
  • Apple MAC Systems
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • CentOS
  • Ubuntu

This means that you are likely covered. However, there are three steps to patching things and keeping everything up to date. Most people don't realize that our software helps with all three stages, not just on how to implement patches.

Linux Patch Management – How it works

Your ultimate first step is to know what vulnerabilities are out there. Your computer network is full of vulnerabilities and security risks, even if you aren't aware of it. Therefore, patch management software should help you find the problems. Through our product, we keep an eye on patches that are already released and soon to be released. We can notify you that there could be a problem and once it's ready, help you fix it.

Linux Patch Management

Fix Them

Fixing the problem can be difficult and we may not be able to do much more than find and install the patches for you. We can, however, notify you that there is a problem and if there is a fix or not. Many times, the only fix is patching it, so you're likely good to go.

Patching Them

Linux patch management wouldn't be complete for us if we didn't help you find the patches, install them, deploy them when you want them and more. We even offer third-party patches at your request, so contact us today.

What is Patch Management?
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