Linux Patch Management Tools

Linux Patch Management Tools Make Life Easier

When someone says Linux patch management, does the IT department automatically get busy and ignore you? Most IT personnel dislike patching Linux systems because it is difficult and time-consuming. However, at Comodo, we have made things a little easier with our helpful tools. Our product works with your system to:

  • Inventory hardware/software information
  • Tell you when patches are available
  • Search for patches
  • Deploy patches when you schedule it
  • Third-party apps included on request

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While it is a good idea for someone in the IT department to know what is on each computer and network, most people have no idea exactly what's on them. This can lead to security breaches and problems if you're not careful. We know you're busy, so we have devised tools to help patch the Linux system. Through the reporting tool, you can find out which updates have been deployed and which ones haven't, effectively allowing you to create a plan of attack, so to speak.

Linux Patch Management

Additional Capabilities

Our particular Linux patch management tool is free, so you'll have cost-effective solutions to patching. We support almost every platform because we're platform independent, and we also offer help for many operating systems. It can sometimes be difficult to find patch-management tools that work with Linux systems, but we believe everyone should stay safe and secure.

Our product knows which patches are available, so your job is easier. All you have to do is check to see which ones are there, and we even order them for you, based on severity. While deploying the patches, you can continue working on the system and computers, so productivity doesn't have to stop, and the IT department doesn't have to work after hours or on the weekend. Contact us today to learn more about Linux patch management options.

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