Opensource RMM

Are Open Source RMM Programs the Best Choice?

Just about everyone online today takes advantage of some kind of public accessible software, which costs nothing to install on your computer. In fact, if you are reading this blog from a Web browser, that is exactly what you are doing. This software is called open source and you can install excellent software to assist with msp businesses, and there is no charge for your opensource rmm program. But are there really a lot of advantages with this kind of strategy and is it the best choice for you? Let's explore the matter a little further, shall we?

What is Open Source RMM?

Open source means it belongs to everyone. The developers do not take ownership benefits and it is public domain. In other words, anyone can use it and there is another important feature. Anyone can make changes and improvements to the program. It is very common method for developing some of the most popular programs like Web browsers, media players, word processing programs and many others.

Why Opensource RMM Programs?

Perhaps the most obvious reasons for using this kind of software is cost. Some companies charge a great deal of money for business software licenses and the more computers you have on the network, the more it is going to cost you. In addition, many software licenses are only good for one year and you must pay for a subscription each and every year.

With free software you can install the programs on as many machines as you like. There are no licensing fees and no "demo" programs (which may only contain enough functions to frustrate the user). However, cost is only one reason to choose open source rmm software. Let's explore the rest.

Increased Security

Because anyone has access to the free program, you might think it is vulnerable to malicious codes. However, just the opposite is true. With many different programmers, a wide range of vulnerabilities can be explored and discovered and this can make the program secure against most attacks.

Proprietary program owners are usually very strict about changes. In fact, you would need special permission and then it could still be difficult to find all the necessary information, without reverse engineering. A good opensource RMM program may be tweaked by anyone and many security holes can be plugged before an attacker has the time to exploit them.

Custom Software

When you buy copyrighted software you are very limited with what you can do with it. In other words, if it doesn't have all the features you want, you only have two choices. You can learn to live with it, or find another program. When you have a reputable open source application you can customize it to your specific situation. This includes adding attractive features or removing things you do not need or want.

No Specialize Knowledge Required

Opensource rmm software is great for experienced programmers but also for the novice programmer or everyday user. You don't have to be a qualified programmer or even possess an extensive knowledge of scripts or codes. Just obtain a copy of the software and install it.

Great Training Experience

Public access programs can be taken apart and studied to see how they work. They are excellent education tools for both teaching and learning all about computer programming. You not only get to see how codes are written, you have the chance to learn about mistakes and how to avoid them.


Many open source rmm programs have been around for some time and people have had years to study, tweak and make changes. You may find some of the most stable software programs when you use public access applications, and you can depend on your program to have periodic updates and fixes.


It is in the best interest of proprietary software makers to create programs which cannot be accessed by other programs. This often results in software compatibility issues and can be very frustrating. Many public access software programs are designed to work with other programs. For example, if you are using OpenOffice word processing you may send and receive files with someone using Microsoft Word. You can open the documents and also send documents to people in both doc and docx formats.

Opensource rmm program writers are not interested in keeping others out. Just the opposite, they want as many people as possible to participate in the process. This is why you get so many great features with Comodo One. Check out all the good things waiting for you by visiting us online today at or for a live demonstration call (972) 649-9012.