What is Network Assessment?

A network assessment is the evaluation of your current IT infrastructure, processes, performance, management, and security to understand areas for improvement. This will provide a broader view of the state of your IT and help you in making well-informed and planned business decisions.

A network assessment is performed to analyse and identify the scope of improving the existing IT infrastructure, security, processes, management, and performance of an organization to assist in making well-informed business decisions.

Organizations tend to be irritated when they are unsure of what is happening with the overall network. This calls for analyzing the overall Network through dedicated analysis and review to understand the existing situation of the organization's systems, processes, and infrastructure.

What Does a Network Assessment Help Identify?

Network assessment helps identify the following:

Understand the need for resources — Some departments and teams in an organization may require more resources than others. A network assessment would help identify the IT demands of each department and appropriately allocate resources.

Help address the need for more Bandwidth —There are always challenges when more bandwidth is required. Activities such as streaming videos, downloading huge files and running programs can influence the network to slow down significantly. A network assessment will help address this challenge.

Fix Security Holes —When left untreated, security gaps can lead to infections in a network system. Network assessment checks for any security holes and addresses it by fixing them.

When's the Best Time for a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is essential to check on the existing network infrastructure during a transition phase. For example, when the organization decides to transform from on-premise servers to cloud, or even when considering to upgrade the network, an assessment should be done. In addition, a network assessment should be performed when an organization’s network is running slow to understand where improvements can be made. It is recommended to complete a network assessment early to give enough time to do a thorough analysis and to execute the required decisions.

How to Prepare for a Network Assessment?

Assessing an organization's existing network might seem complex, but the reality is having a good network assessment tool makes this task manageable. The solution should be given the required access to the network server, devices and their physical locations on the organization’s network. A small device can be provisioned on the local network to monitor and gauge the traffic and the network speed.

Network Assessment Scenarios

Large-sized businesses generally have their own in-house network assessment systems and tools to support and perform network assessment. Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) tend to have limited IT expertise and resources, and are in need of expert level technology partners to provide assistance on the organization’s network assessment.


  1. A small non-profit organization wanted to fix an existing network issue. They carried out network assessment through the Comodo Network Assessment tool and identified there was insufficient bandwidth and the antivirus software configuration was not correct. Upon completion of the network assessment, the IT manager was able to narrow down the specific issue and concentrated to both improve the bandwidth solutions and address the configuration issues.
  2. A 200-user organization partnered with Comodo to perform a network assessment. They concluded that they had been left with network communication equipment with sub-optimal speeds. The issues that were identified helped the IT admin fix and improve the organization’s network.

A Network Assessment Software Checklist

  • List out the hardware and software of each device connected to the organization's network. Look out for license keys — missing, duplicate, or even expired license keys. Also check whether the equipment is out of warranty or no longer supported.
  • Check the list of operating systems (OS) and analyze how well the OS is configured. Check for the Active Directory and evaluate if the active directory is deployed correctly.
  • Check whehter the devices and servers connected to the organization's network are patched regularly and are free from security flaws and vulnerability. Understand whether the Antivirus functions as expected, with proper real-time scans and updates.
  • Check that there is a backup plan for the network. This is used restore files, servers or applications when experiencing an unpredictable data loss.
  • Ensure WAN routers, firewall and LAN switches are transitioned to latest software levels with configurations that assure high levels of security and performance.

How to Improve Your Network Performance

After analyzing the network system, take some time to review the results with a technology partner and enquire on how to improve the network performance. Ask the networking partner the following

  • If the bandwidth capacity must be increased
  • What would the in-house IT team do within our organization?
  • Is it ok to put the server into a different configuration?

Ensure mandatory network assessments are part of your IT strategy — this will save your network from unwanted issues while you can concentrate more on business aspects.

Features of C1 Network Assessment Tool

  • File and Directory Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring
  • SNMP Trap Monitor
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Log Monitoring
  • Schedule Actions
  • Performance Monitoring Reports
  • Network Map Dashboard
  • Monitor Email Quality of Service
  • Top list for Real-Time Answers

Why Comodo One Network Assessment Services?

Comodo ONE helps you streamline the process of network assessments

With Comodo ONE Network Assessment tool, client admins can perform scans on their networks to detect vulnerabilities on the server, endpoint, and network level.

Instantly generates detailed risk reports for scanned networks with actionable advice on how to fix the issue.

And above all: Comodo ONE Network Assessment Tool is completely free.

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