Network Assessment Tool

Assess your overall risk posture based on a detailed report of 18 different discovery tasks for comprehensive risk network assessment and vulnerability management requiring no agents or installs.

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Customize Reports

Comodo One's network assessment tool includes a variety of powerful reports that you can easily edit and customize based on your needs.

  • Client Risk Summary Report
  • Change Management Report
  • XP Migration Readiness Report
  • Full Detail Report
  • Asset Detail Report
  • Excel Export Report

Network Assessments Win New Business

  • Open doors with new prospects
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Offer free network assessments that are quick and easy to do, and win new business
  • Identify selling opportunities as well as strengthen your ability to close new business
Monitoring Tools Give a True Picture

Expand your business with existing clients by showing them a true picture of their network.

The Network Monitoring Asset Change report will find computers, applications, and devices that have been added to the network by your clients.

Reports for Quarterly Client Reviews

Perform quarterly client reviews with your customers supported by complete network assessment reports with the details you need to build confidence in your services.

Assess Before Signing Up New Clients

Comodo ONE gives you the capability to perform both a network assessment and security assessment before signing up new clients.

You have the option to charge for these services while showing customers a true picuture of their existing network to set priorities.

Powerful Insights to Your Tech Team

Technicians can run periodic Network Assessment scans at individual sites and take the time to review specific needs on a location by location (or client) basis.

Identify System Upgrades or Replacements

Technicials can use the XP Migration Readiness Report to quickly identify XP machines with the information they need to determine whether the OS and machine should be upgraded or replaced.

IT SWOT Analysis Data Surveys and Check Lists

Generate a professional IT SWOT analysis from assessments with these helpful tools:

  • IT Checklists ensure your techs follow your standard IT assessment procedures
  • Site Interview guidelines help techs follow best practices with a prescribed series of questions to ask during IT assessments
  • Network Surveys facilitate manual checks or inspections to supplement automated assessments
Discover New Opportunities

Comodo One Network Assessment Tool creates a list of findings and highlights issues and anomalies. It recommends possible solutions that could become new projects.

  • Simply run a report to identify a billable project with your existing clients and prospects
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A Belgium-based fire and accident preparedness company uses the free Comodo One platform to monitor and mange is customer base.