Simplify Procurement and Inventory Management

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Easily Quote, Purchase, Track and Manage Product Orders

Comodo ONE eases the handoffs between sales, service and finance to simplify the inventory management and procurement process for you and your clients. You'll know which products belong to which clients as well as be able to manage purchase orders, set pricing for product bundles, with accurate inventory counts per office location.

Facilitate the Sales Process
Manage Inventory Automatically

Manage inventory quantities with automatic fulfillment of minimum stock counts, adjust inventory count, sync to Quickbooks, and easily associate inventory per client with simple reports.

Seamless Handoffs and Visibility

Transfer information from sales to procurement, service, and finance with ease. With shared visibility everyone on the team works better together.

Mobile Access to Inventory

When they are on-site with customers, give your tecs a productivity boost. Allow them to see inventory counts and select products directly from their mobile devices.

Deliver Professional Quotes Faster

The first quote received is quite often the winner. You can create and send professional, interactive quotes and proposals in minutes from Comodo ONE--that include the best pricing from your distributors.

Customizable HTML Templates

Cature leads via email and social media with easy to use templates in Comodo ONE. Design HTML emails, custom pages, and forms with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Analyze Campaign Performance

Measure marketing campaign performance with analytics that give you the visibility to direct resources where they'll have the biggest impact on sales.

Inventory Management

Comodo ONE procurement extension automates product workflows and notifications--across the entire process, from the initial quote through final invoicing.

Comodo ONE procurement extension automates the processes for sales quotes, inventory checks, product requests for purchase, product purchasing, and shipping and receiving with instant notifications every step of the way.

Comodo ONE offers you a controlled and highly visible process for procuring and delivering hardware to customers--even with complexity over a long timeframe--everything is taken into account. And the process is repeatable.

Inventory Management Key Benefits

Keep Every Order In Motion from Quote to Fulfillment:


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