What is service desk ticketing system?

Service Desk ticketing system refers to the systematic process of resolving IT related user queries via creating or raising tickets, each with a unique number for easy identification. A Service Desk ticket is usually a form containing various fields (which need to be filled in) for evaluating the severity of the user's query so that they can be addressed accordingly.


To give an example, every Service Desk software ticket, apart from containing a unique identification number, usually also contain a 'category' field, for categorizing the user query or ticket. [PC related problems will go into 'PC Related Queries' category]. Like this, several other fields which decide factors like 'what is the complaint' and 'who should be addressing it'.


This manner of methodically addressing user queries (usually IT infrastructure related) forms the core of Service Desk or IT Ticketing System. Comodo ONE Service Desk also does the same. It helps MSP(s) manage their client infrastructure related queries efficiently.

Service Desk
  • Released: 07/16/2018
  • Updated: 02/12/2019



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