Which is the best RMM Tool for MSPs?

There are many RMM tools for MSPs available in the market. Notable among them are - Comodo One for MSPs, SolarWinds RMM, Continuum RMM, Pulseway RMM, and ConnectWise Automate. Our vote for the best RMM tool is Comodo RMM.

Many features are common among these RMM solutions, however, from an MSP's point of view there are some which make a few solutions favorable. Basically, an RMM solution must enable an MSP to remotely monitor and manage, through a centralized console, all its clients and their managed devices and networks. The term "devices" includes workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more. The RMM solution must hence support multiple platforms, multiple operating systems, and their software applications. An automated discovery and enrollment feature of newly added networks and the devices within is a must. Manually, it's a hard task.

Integrated professional services automation (PSA) of service desk allows automatic creation of support tickets and tracking of their resolution, which is useful for MSPs to avoid a break in workflow. Patch management is another application that should be part of an integrated MSP solution. MSPs need patch management for the myriad of devices and the different OSs and applications running on them.

Automation Wizards, as well as script writing facility, for routine and repetitive tasks, makes MSPs' work easier. From a business point of view, MSPs must convert break-fix customers and enroll new customers. The integrated RMM solution must be able to convince such customers of the advantages of the solution. An effective RMM solution must function as a single-pane-of-glass to help MSPs improve the efficiency of their workflows and provide a better quality of service.

We feel Comodo RMM is the best RMM tool for MSPS because it has all the required features, optimized, easy to use, and free.

  • Released: 12/12/2017
  • Updated: 12/12/2017



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