What RMM Solution Should We Use?

That’s the big question, isn’t it? Maybe you are converting from a break/fix shop to an RMM provider. Or you’re currently using one solution but are dissatisfied, for a variety of reasons. We’ll review your top considerations based on variables that may impact you. Some act like they couldn’t care less if you were a customer. Rip and replace is often hard… are some solutions a nightmare to implement? Some shops have better scripting than others. 

Here are the Top Solutions

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Comodo -Kaseya VSA-SolarWinds N-central-OptiTune Enterprise Edition-ConnectWise Automate-SolarWinds MSP RMM-Managed Workplace-Autotask Endpoint Management-Pulseway-Atera-Ninja MSP

For many MSP’s, Comodo’s primary draw is that the RMM is free, forever. In fact, Comodo integrates free Service Desk and ITSM apps, too. Comodo is well known for its unique — and highly effective — security suite, which contains “unknown” files in a virtualized environment. The firm’s model is to provide everything free to help MSP’s succeed and build the relationship, then have both make money in its app store, especially with its security products.

  • Released: 12/08/2017
  • Updated: 02/12/2019



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