Should I switch to a new RMM?

Switching RMM solutions is not easy. It can take a lot of time and effort. Switching solutions can be even more difficult depending on the size of the enterprises you are handling and the level of integration the RMM tool you've chosen achieves. Obviously, more endpoints means more integration and more time.

Comodo RMM is available absolutely free, and is the best option if you are thinking of switching RMM tools because of the following:

  • Successfully Monitors/Handles a Wide Range of Devices: Though it specializes in managing Windows devices, you can use Comodo ONE to manage other devices and OS(es) as well.

  • Integration is Easy Since it's an Online Service: Comodo RMM is an online service, so integrating it with your solution is easy.

  • You Get The Full MSP Package For Free: If you sign up for Comodo One RMM Services, you get the complete MSP package (which includes Service Desk and Patch Management) for free!

  • Released: 12/12/2017
  • Updated: 12/12/2017



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