Why do a network assessment?

Network Assessment helps you identify many issues.


Usage of resources – Some departments require more network resources while others do not. Network assessment assists in understanding the actual requirements of the resources and allot them to the departments as per the requirements.


Bandwidth-related issues – This is most commonly caused due to downloading big files, streaming videos and while running programs that require more bandwidth and hence slows down the network. Network assessments helps to identify bandwidth-related issues.

Security loop holes – Network assessment helps to identify security loop holes – this allows admins to address the network-related flaws instantly and also avoids adverse impact on the network system

Is there a specific time to perform a Network Assessment?

A network assessment is critical, if the organization is going to change the nature of the network infrastructure. For instance, if the organization is on a transition phase from on-premise to cloud, a network assessment is recommended even before the change as it is the right time to understand where there are opportunities for improvements. It is important to complete the network assessment much in advance of the planned transition phase, as this would help you undergo a thorough analysis and hence enforce the required changes and enhancements.

Network Assessment
  • Released: 09/11/2018
  • Updated: 01/10/2019



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