Why are network vulnerability assessments important?

A Vulnerability Assessment (VA) is the prime way to protect the IT network, device, and data. It is critical to be aware of the possible vulnerabilities and to equip the security posture to reduce threats.

VA is a procedure to detect and measure the quantity of the security vulnerabilities in an enterprise environment.

5 Simple steps of Vulnerability Assessment

  • Identify the software and hardware assets in the environment

  • Measure and understand the value of these assets

  • Understand the possible security vulnerabilities that can infect the organization’s assets

  • Identify the score level of threat and risk for each vulnerability

  • Reduce the possible risk vulnerabilities from the most important assets of the organization

Vulnerability Assessment: A Technical Process

Vulnerability assessments comprises of three phases

Phase 1 – Gathering Data - Organizations collect data to know what are the hardware and software involved in the network. This includes network scanning to identify hosts, port scanning to find the protocols and the services that are possibly vulnerable, A review of DNS data to identify and recognize which hosts would be targeted.

Phase 2 - Review & Enumeration – Once the gathering of data and discovery is done by the concerned assessor, a complete review and listing of the applications, Oses, protocols, ports and services helps entitles in identifying the full extent of vectors that can be attacked easily.

Phase 3 - Detection & Reporting – This is the last phase of vulnerable Assessment that enables the actual identification of vulnerabilities by implementing a detection kit like National Vulnerability Database to determine the vulnerabilities on the assets. There phase is absolute with risk and scores information. Lastly, experts are equipped with remediation tools to debug, configure and update patches on the required assets to terminate the possible risks associated with the identified vulnerabilities.

Network Assessment
  • Released: 08/27/2018
  • Updated: 09/11/2018



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