What is network security assessment?

A network security assessment includes the security design principles, security and network solutions and traffic flows by implementing the reviews. It is an audit that has been developed to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses that are highly at risk and can be easy targets for hackers to compromise the network. Once the network is compromised it can be harmful to business operations and can sometimes result in data loss. Vulnerabilities can be of three different forms they are social, external and internal, however, there has been a constant evolution of vulnerabilities with the arrival of new techniques and malware codes.

Organizations should prioritize and conduct all the organization and security-related assessments on a regular basis.

Objective of Network Security Assessment

  • Identify internal and external entry points

  • Check if there is an integration of low-risk vulnerabilities that could be exploited to generate high-risk weakness.

  • Detect security vulnerabilities in database servers, files, and applications

  • Quantify the level of potential impacts of both internal and external attacks

  • Examine the viability of network defenders to identify and quickly respond to attacks.

  • Provide proof to support enhanced IT investments and network security

Benefits of a Network Security Assessment

  • Increase cloud security

  • Identifies vital network assets and delivers protection

  • Security is guaranteed and helps organizations follow security compliance

  • Minimal capital and operational costs

  • Scalable and combines techniques to add value to the organization’s internal network security environment

  • Network Security Assessment assists organizations to generate improvements in the organization’s overall security posture

Network Assessment
  • Released: 09/11/2018
  • Updated: 01/10/2019



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