What is Network Assessment?

A network assessment is the analysis of the existing IT infrastructure, performance, processes, management and security to determine the possible areas of improvement. This would give a comprehensive report on the state of the IT network and assists in taking planned business conclusions.

Organizations tend to get vexed when they are not sure of what is happening with the overall organization network. Evaluation with commuited examination and review of the current situation of the systems, infrastructure and the overall processes of the organization.

The process of Network Assessment helps you determine the following

Understand the importance of resources – There are some departments in an organization that demands more resources. A network assessment is vital to determine the IT requirements of each department and provides resources meeting their demands

Assistance to improve more bandwidth – There is always a concern when there is a need to increase more bandwidth. User-based activities like downloading large files, streaming videos would require more bandwidth as they tend to slow down the network dramatically. A network assessment would assist in overcoming this challenge.

Fix Security loop Holes —Networks tend to have security gaps that can be exploited by malicious authors to infect the system. The network assessment can assist in addressing to such security gaps by fixing those issues.

A network assessment is vital to check on the current network infrastructure of the organizations. A network assessment is mandatory when there is a network upgrade or when the network infrastructure is transformed from on-premises to cloud. In case, if the organization’s network is slow to comprehend and work on the required improvements – network assessment has to be performed. It is important to complete a network assessment in the initial stages to perform detailed analysis and so to implement the required decisions and implement actionable advice on how to address and fix the issue.

Network Assessment
  • Released: 09/11/2018
  • Updated: 01/10/2019



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