How to perform network assessment?

Network Assessment includes

Network inventory to know about the network devices connected to the network

Examining the network devices to identify device that are not in use, latest OS upgrades and also to check on the health of the devices.

Evaluating the network performance to check and troubleshoot the issues.

Analysis and study of the network architecture to terminate if there is any single points of failure.

Evaluating the security of network devices.

Preparing to perform the network assessment

Network assessment can be categorized to 3 different stages

  • Preparing to perform the network assessment

  • Performing the actual network assessment

  • Recommendations and Reports Post- network assessment

Preparing for Network Assessment

A Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) has to enabled on network devices to perform a network assessment using the required tools.

It is important SNMP community strings (v1 and v2c) or password (v3) are to be defined on the devices. It depends on the type of tools deployed and on what type of data are collected – the user demands a read-only or both read-write access and read-only access.

The computer through which the network assessment has to be performed should not be restricted to access devices connected to the network. It is mandatory to alter the access rules before the network assessment is performed.

Remote-access details should be available to the network admins.

Performing Network Assessment

There are many types network assessment tools that can perform Network inventory, analysis and network diagram to help identify network devices that are run in the organization network, perform analysis and even generate network diagram instantly. Comodo Network Assessment tool features file Directory monitoring, log monitoring, Performance Monitoring, Network Map Dashboard and scheduled actions and monitor email quality of service.

Network Assessment
  • Released: 08/27/2018
  • Updated: 01/10/2019



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