How to do Network Assessment?

Once the business and design requirements are completed in the organization, a network assessment is performed. A network assessment delivers an instant screenshot of the current network with an investigation of the working environment, availability, security, management and performance. The collected data is used to come up with efficient design plans and recommendations on blueprint to the concerned client in altering specific information systems prior to the actual implementation of wireless network


  • Infrastructure

  • Availability

  • Performance

  • Management

  • Security

These are the five critical components that are considered while the existing network is examined.

Once the survey is successfully performed, the gathered information is then analyzed for issues and trends that are creating a bad impact on the network. The result of the analysis is then compared with business and design requirements and best practices to implement the same. The results are then implemented to generate specific recommendations that helps to pay attention on the configuration of equipment, design, network management strategy and security enhancements.

Specific Assessments

5 types of assessments are explained with network assessment in the assessment model.

Infrastructure Assessment

The results of the existing infrastructure assessment should be examined to identify possible problems with the existing infrastructure. IOS versions, application types, circuits and topologies, equipment data could effect the design and deployment.

Performance Assessment

The performance assessment recognizes if there are issues with particular devices, servers WAN segments, campus and enterprise circuits.

The following are the reasons to cause network performance problems

  • Application Configuration

  • Equipment and Circuit Provisioning

  • Enterprise Design Problems

  • Application Model

  • Network Device Configuration

Availability Assessment

Network availability is a critical requirement to many information technology. The issues relating to the surveyed groups are detected and understand on how it effects your company revenues.

Management Assessment

The existing network management strategy are detected and how it would affect the current network operations. Management assessment would help you understand on what add-on processes, events, and applications would be essential to take control of new deployment.

Security Assessment

Creating a security strategy and policy is critical to deliver security to the company’s network, devices connected to it and the data involved.

Assessment Analysis

Once the network assessment is over, the data that has been collected is then analysed and examined for issues, trends, and problems that poses a negative impact on the network.

All the assessment groups are analyzed and compared with the feasible best practices, design requirements, and business needs. The results are then implemented to provide suggestions and support the design process.


Network Assessment
  • Released: 08/27/2018
  • Updated: 01/10/2019



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