Definition of RMM

How Do You Define RMM?

If you want to save time, a quick and simple rmm definition would be "remote monitoring and management". But of course, we know it's much more than that. RMM is special software which is designed to help IT management professionals monitor security for their clients' computers, networks and endpoints. It is essentially IT management from a remote location.

So How Does One Properly Define RMM?

Remote IT management can entail a number of things, so surely there must be a better rmm definition we can use. OK, let's discuss what rmm software does to give you a better idea of what we're talking about.

In order for a computer (or network) to be carefully monitored, it must constantly report everything that's going on, to a security source. The rmm program is installed on a computer and it has the ability to monitor activity and report back to its MSP. So now comes the question, what is an MSP? You probably already know the answer, but please bear with us in case some people do not.

A Closer Look at MSPs

MSP means managed service provider (and that is probably what you do). This is the company the remote management software sends vital information to. It's the MSP's job to make sure it's client's computers, networks and IT infrastructure remain safe and secure and this is done on a proactive basis. This task is perhaps the most important part of the entire RMM process (the job of the MSP). As a managed service provider, you have an important obligation to your clients and you can't afford to have anything but the best remote monitoring tools at your disposal.

Companies like Comodo One understand the importance of taking action before problems begin, so they can be avoided in the future. So up to this point, to define RMM, we have remote monitoring and management by an MSP to ensure a company's security. This is done with special software. So is that all there is to it? Not really. Let's dig a little deeper.

What Happens When a Client has a Problem?

What happens after the software reports something it identifies as a problem or potential problem? When this occurs, the event or transaction is flagged and a report is sent immediately to you the (MSP).

The MSP knows what to do when trouble is reported and it takes the necessary action to correct it. Problems reported are assigned a priority so the most critical issues can be dealt with as quickly as possible, and this is done for the MSP by the RMM program, so you (an MSP) do not have to.

Most problems are discovered by the software and the MSP is able to take the right action before the client is even aware there was a potential problem in the first place. This can be an invaluable tool for IT service managing professionals.

How Does Comodo One Define RMM?

When you come to Comodo, you will soon discover how different RMM software can be. For example:

  • Setting up and getting started is quick and easy.
  • Your customers enjoy the benefits of "real time" communication.
  • One interface for simplicity

This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as benefits go. You have support for the latest operating systems. Built-in wizards and access to special forums are also part of Comodo's One's rmm definition. In fact, there are many other features which are just too many to list, when you decide to go with Comodo One.

But, let's expand on our rmm definition just a little more. For example:

  • Automation - our software lets you automate many of your mundane daily tasks, so your job is easier and less complicated.
  • Time - you can spend more time on customer service or making improvements in other areas.
  • Reports - if you or your clients need reports on various events or threats, it is not going to be a problem.

More Good Things from Comodo One

In our rmm definition we forgot one important word, "free". This may be the best way to define rmm software from Comodo. These things are free:

  • Service desk
  • Patch management solutions
  • Comodo ONE's tightly integrated RMM

When you need effective remote management software come to Comodo One to see all the good things we have to offer. Call (972) 649-9012 now for a live demonstration or visit our home on the Web at for more details.