Comodo One CRM Discovers Opportunities, Automates Proposals and Tracks Sales

With the CRM tools in Comodo ONE you'll be able to easily create, manage, and track marketing campaigns. When your leads pour in, our automated workflows integrate with your business systems to create quotes and proposals to simplify the overall sales process.

What You Want, When You Want Comodo One CRM tool

Process Leads Quickly

Don’t let your leads go cold, pass them over to sales to get them into the funnel quickly. Lead collection forms an be turned into opportunities automatically and passed to sales for follow-up.

Nurture Leads Until "Sales Ready"

Sales teams will close deals faster when you deliver qualified "sales ready" leads from the CRM database. You can track their progress and hold them accountable.

Turn Wins into Sales Orders Quickly

Show customers how efficient you are right from the start with sales order automation processing that converts your new win into an order or project so you can start immediately.

Automate Quote Creation and Delivery

Be the first to deliver the customer a professional quote with interactive tools that generate quotes and proposals in minutes including distributor pricing.

Design HTML Emails and Forms

Professional looking emails and forms are easy to generate with simple drag-and-drop functionality. You can create branded HTML emails, design custom pages and build forms to capture leads.

Analyze Campaign Performance

Track, analyze and measure results from your marketing campaigns with analytics that help you focus resources where they'll have the most impact on your business.

Templates for Professional Emails

Create professional HTML emails that speak to your target audience with customizable templates. Just drag and drop the components you want, edit the fields and hit send.

Score Campaign Performance

Use campaign performance data to score leads. Drill down on how many emails were opened, click through and lead forms completed for an accurate performance measurement.

Discover and Manage Opportunities

With centralized access to customer communications, activities, product and service details you track every interaction to discover and manage new sales opportunities.

Sales Process Automation

Sales process automation is the need of the hour. In today's world, where business is hyper-competitive, sales automation is the wisest thing to do. If done properly, sales process automation helps in many ways- it saves money and time, builds long-lasting relationships, streamlines and analyzes entire sales cycles and gives you many other benefits.

Manage Your Sales Pipeline

Manage your sales pipeline with sales automation software. This helps streamline all sales-related processes. Sales reps find it easier to guide prospects through the sales process, emails are automated, follow up is automated and streamlined, and better tracking is done. It imparts a clearer vision and ensures better revenue prospects as well.

Align Sales with Automatic Communications

Automatic notifications help align the sales team and monitor progress. Set reminders for deals to close, renewals to get signed and announce sales' wins.

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